Candle Factory Tours


Unfortunately we are not running factory tours until further notice.




Venture behind the scenes of our working candle factory by coming on one of our factory tours! Witness the different mesmerising production techniques perfected over our 122 year history as we manipulate masses of molten wax!


We invite groups of 6 or more adults to pre-book a candle factory tour and candle making workshop.


We charge £15 per head for our tour and workshop.


Our candle factory is based in Govan, Glasgow, and is operational Monday through Friday. Unfortunately we cannot offer tours over the weekend or on Friday afternoons.


Restrictions: Due to health and safety restrictions, we cannot allow children under 12 and those with physical access requirements into the factory environment.




You will learn about our company’s long-standing history and our relationship with Glasgow. You’ll hear how candle making and the machinery we use has evolved over the years.


We’ll talk to you about fragrance, wax, wicks and vessels and you’ll see various machinery in action.


You’ll even get to have a go yourself and pour a candle to take home with you.


Tours typically last 1 hour.




To arrange a candle factory tour, please get in touch with the team using the following details:


Tel: 0141 445 1066






To ensure your visit is as enjoyable, comfortable and safe, please read the following information carefully ahead of your visit.


Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your tour so we can prepare you for entry into the factory.




As we are a working factory, we have certain guidelines we must follow to prevent product contamination. We ask you to be aware of the following prior to your visit:


  • You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire upon arrival regarding your current state of health

  • No jewellery must be worn in the production and warehouse areas with the only exception being a plain wedding band. If you arrive wearing jewellery, including watches and fitbits, you will be asked to remove these for the duration of the tour. We do not have anywhere secure to store this for you, and cannot take responsibility for any items left unattended.

  • Please wear sensible, filled-in and toe-covering, non-slip shoes (no stilettos or flip flops please!) - No nail varnish, false nails or false eyelashes are permitted in the production or warehouse areas. Visitors with nail varnish or false nails will be provided with disposable gloves for the duration of the tour.

  • Please ensure your legs and upper arms are covered by clothing; ie please do not wear sleeveless vest tops or shorts/skirts that expose bare skin; tights or leggings must be worn too.

  • Hair nets and beard covers for long facial hair must be worn at all times in the production and warehouse areas; these will be provided on arrival.

  • Only BLUE plasters are permitted in production and warehouse areas. We will ask you to replace any other plasters on arrival. Loss of plasters must be reported to management.

  • No food or drink is permitted in production areas.

  • Photography is not permitted in production areas.




The majority of our tour takes place in a working factory environment; therefore it is not suitable for those with physical access requirements or children under 12 years old.


  • Children under 12 years old are not permitted to enter the factory environment. Children between 12 and 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. We may ask children and parents to sign a proof of age document for insurance purposes if a child appears 12 years or younger.

  • We cannot allow walking aids, wheelchairs or scooters into the factory area.

  • We do not have anywhere secure to store pushchairs, accessibility scooters or wheelchairs.


We look forward to welcoming you to Shearer Candles and we hope you enjoy your tour.