Make Sure You Light Up Valentine’s Day (Demo)




No one is really sure who St. Valentine was, if he was one person or two or what he did to warrant beatification, but the Feast of St Valentine on February the 14th has been recognised since the year 496 and remains an important date in the diary of many, many people today. We’re firm believers that the world needs more days when expressing love is positively encouraged. Yes, many people complain about the associated commercialism but that can be leveled at every celebratory day now from Christmas to Mother’s Day; and it’s entirely up to the individual how much they buy into that. For those lucky enough to be sharing their life with a special someone then Valentine’s Day should be a date you are at least aware of and will hopefully acknowledge if only in a small way. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose, expensive gesture either, simply dim the lights and add a couple of candles to the room; voila, instant romance! It won’t surprise you to read that we think nothing is as romantic as a candle, whether it’s a collection of tea-lights on a mantelpiece whilst you lounge about on the sofa or a pillar candle throwing dancing shadows across dinner for two even if dinner came straight out of the microwave. By candlelight everything is just that bit more romantic. So if you aren’t planning much then at least light a candle, you never know where it might lead… And if you are looking for some gift ideas then please consider the following candles that will still be enjoyed long after Valentine’s Day is a distant memory – DN1801-3 SC06RR-1 VAC1RG-1 HGB3RR-1 Red Glitter Tealights x 8 – RRP £4.00 Red Red Rose Tin Candle – RRP £7.00 Rose Geranium V&A Gift Box Candle – RRP £40.00 Red Red Rose Robert Burns Chalice – RRP £20.50 Some people believe the bones of St Valentine reside in a church less than a mile away from our factory in Glasgow, maybe that’s why we like the day so much. Whatever the reason, make sure you at least make a small effort on the 14th, a day to recognise love should never be ignored. Kind Regards BlogSignature14 Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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