Introducing our contemporary new spa collection


Natural Spa Collection

The Natural Spa collection is a new, fresh range of candles and diffusers - using natural wax and fragrances. Exquisitely classic, to suit all homes, especially bathrooms, this collection is an eagerly anticipated addition to Shearer Candles. The four uplifting scents of Floral, Fruit, Spice and Citrus beautifully complement our existing and extensive range and are effortless in their simplicity of fragrance and design. The 30cl glass jar candles, complete with silver lids, are presented in gift boxes while the 100ml scented diffusers form an ideal accompaniment.

Citrus Diffusers Spice Diffuser Fruit Diffuser Floral Diffuser Fruit Candle Citrus Candle Floral Candle Spice Candle

Floral is a luxurious combination of geranium and fresh oranges; while Fruit, with its ripe juicy mango, evokes the aroma of summer and the tropics. Spice is an exotic blend of patchouli and cedar, conjuring images of colourful India; and Citrus is zesty with hints of brown sugar and in danger of being bitten into instead of lit. Former textile designer, Rosey Barnet, is Artistic Director with Shearer Candles and has steered the company in its present direction, focussing on the high-end lifestyle candles that account for 80 per cent of sales. She believes we are living in more minimalistic times, with people returning to basics, and the Natural Spa collection reflects this ideal: “When researching the development of candles I look at home interior and fashion trends. Emerging styles are minimalism in interior design using natural colours; shades of whites, grey, neutrals and pastels and natural materials. This is reflected in our candles in terms of wax blends, fragrances and colours. Natural waxes are very popular; soy, palm and other plant oils are in demand. Our new Natural Spa collection will be especially welcomed by our environmentally conscious customers.” “Wild flower and meadow fragrances are in vogue for next season. However, for Christmas, people love to go back to tradition and most fashions fall away. Reds, oranges, golds, and silvers with the scent of cinnamon, clove, fig and sandalwood are always in demand. It’s forever Christmas at Shearer Candles; we’re planning it, making it, or selling it and it’s the same every year but, of course, we do it with elegance and flair,” Rosey added. Happy home scenting...


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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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