Have yourself a Garden Party!

We have been promised much this year. Tennis champions, sunshine, heat, holidays and sporting achievement. So far, this summer hasn’t lived up to expectation. Our entry into Wimbledon didn’t win the final, we haven’t had a hot day in weeks, and it’s been the wettest summer on record. The Olympics has had more bad press than positive, and the only brilliant thing to sweep us off our feet has been a certain Mr. Gray so as of today, the outlook is bleak. And this isn’t just in Scotland, heat waves searing the USA causing fires and droughts, corruption at the high levels of sport across the world and a general lack of enthusiasm for the mid-point in the year have left us all a little glum. Well, we at Shearer Candleshave had enough. We think that unseasonable hot or cold, wet or dry weather shouldn’t damper our spirits for celebrating this summer. For many of us we have holidays to look forward to, catching up with friends and family from across the world and a great opportunity to make some wonderful memories with those nearest and dearest to us. So we suggest to you, (after reading this blog of course) jump into your word processing programmes and draw up an invitation to a garden party. Get your loved ones round and celebrate being together and what better accessory than a hand poured, traditionally crafted, timeless candle. We have a great selection of outdoor candles that will give your party a style and sophistication that will have your friends and family smiling with joy and gunning with envy. Start off with our citronella and lemon balm tinned candle. This is ideal for creating a warm glow around your table whilst keeping the wee beasties or infamous mosquitos at bay. These have a tendency to sell out rather quickly, so get your order in quickly to avoid disappointment. Secondly, consider our Hurricane lantern. This is perfect for those garden parties that tend to run into the late evening. This lantern can be hung from a hook or left to stand alone as a centre piece on the table and illuminate the immediate environment. It works perfectly when teamed with a large simple pillar candle and when surrounded by friends. This is an essential for all things alfresco. Finally we have our Amber and Rose Home Fragrance Scented Hurricane candle. This produces a heady flora scent, with heart of tuberose followed by top notes of violet and amber. This is perfect for creating a fresh ambiance to your garden parties and a point of focus for your table. So friends, I encourage you to get designing those invitations, set the scene and cheer everybody up by throwing a good old fashioned garden party. Feel free to share your pictures and memories on our facebook wall. Happy planning everyone! Kind Regards Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive

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