Diamonds in Candles...

Some recent, exciting research that has come to light (pardon the pun). Please read our Press Release which has featured in many newspapers, local and national over the past week.


Diamonds in Candles... *** The UK’s leading manufacturer of lifestyle candles, Shearer Candles has welcomed recent academic research that proves candles really do add sparkle to a room – as their flame contains diamonds. Scientist at St Andrews University have discovered tiny particles of the gem exist in candle flames, with around 1.5million diamond nanoparticles created every second that a candle flame burns. Professor Wuzong Zhou, Professor of Chemistry uncovered the secret ingredient after a challenge from a fellow scientist in combustion. Using a new sampling technique, Dr Zhou was able to remove particles from the centre of the flame, something never successfully achieved before – and found that it contained all known forms of carbon. The discovery of diamond particles in a flame could lead to future research into how diamonds could be created more cheaply and in a more environmentally friendly way. Rosey Barnet, Artistic Director of Shearer Candles, described the results as “exciting”. She said: “We were thrilled to hear about the discovery that diamond particles exist in a candle flame. Although currently there is no way of extracting these particles, it is still an exciting find and one that could change the way people view candles. “The research at St Andrews University will be of interest to the entire candle making industry.We always knew candles added sparkle to a room but now scientific research has provided us with more insight into why.” Shearer Candles, the UK’s leading manufacturer of lifestyle candles were informed by the University of the findings, and has offered the scientists full use of their factory if needed for future experiments. The company which was founded in Glasgow in 1897, has developed from a small company producing church candles into a business that makes millions of lifestyle candles every year. Each of the two production lines at its factory in Glasgow has the capability to produce six tonnes of candles every 24 hours, which are then shipped to major British supermarkets and department stores, as well as to destinations around Europe, America and Japan. Shearer Candles exports to Europe have increased by a massive 267% following their involvement in three exhibitions in Paris over the past 12 months. Shearer Candles can now be purchased in Poland, Sweden, Finland and Norway as well as France, Germany, Japan and Greece. In 2011 Shearer Candles were awarded Grade A, the highest grade achievable, in the toughest quality audit by the British Retail Consortium. This means consumers can buy Shearer Candles in complete confidence they are buying the best. To find out more about Shearer Candles and the products it makes visit or visit its flagship store The Candles Store, 23 Robert Street, Glasgow.

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