Choosing A Scented Candle As A Gift: A Beginner's Guide

If you're searching for a personal and luxurious gift, you can't go wrong with a scented candle. There are many options available, so you can find one to suit anyone, regardless of their tastes, style or preferences.


Scented candles aren't just a sweet-smelling decoration: they invoke the feeling of true indulgence and remind the recipient to relax and take time for self-care.


Lighting scented candles has the feeling of a ritual or ceremony, and using one can turn an ordinary day into something extra special.


Whether it's for a wife, partner, mother or sister, and whatever the occasion, there's a scented candle out there that will bring joy and delight when unwrapped.


At Shearer Candles, we understand that there are many scented candles on offer, so it can feel daunting when you're seeking the perfect gift.


So, for weary shoppers who have smelled hundreds of scented candles and still can't decide, here is our guide on choosing a scented candle as a gift. A beginner's guide.


The Perfect Scent

green candles


Fragrance should be your first focus when choosing a scented candle. The scent will help create an ambience when the candle is lit, and it’s also the first thing they’ll smell when they open their present.


So, you need to take the time to choose the perfect aroma for your scented candle gift. Classic scents and combinations, such as vanilla and coconut, rose, and other floral fragrances, can be the perfect option for anyone new to candles or unsure of the gift receiver's tastes.


If you want a fresh and zingy candle, then citrus candles or spring scents could enliven any room and give your recipient something refreshing to enjoy.


There are also seasonal candles, such as autumn scents, or candles for specific rooms in the home, such as bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen candles. These candles can be the perfect present for anyone who has a favourite room or a specific season they adore, making their home smell out of this world.


kitchen candle

The aroma your candle gives off can be the difference between a perfect gift and one that never gets lit. If you’re still unsure about the fragrance you want from your scented candle, use our scent suggestions to make the best possible decision.


Scented Candle Size And Type

The size and type of scented candle you choose depends on how your gift recipient likes to use their candles.


For example, if they enjoy burning candles during meals, you could consider some dinner candles. These stunning candles are tapered and designed to look perfect when placed on a table as a centrepiece.


On the other hand, anyone who loves the atmosphere that scented tea lights can bring might enjoy these small candles.


The type of candle you choose depends on the holder the recipient uses: if they have a specific one they love, you can find a candle shape to fit.


Large, flat candle holders work best with pillar or church candles, while traditional thin candlesticks require tapered candles.


If you're not sure if the recipient has a candle holder or what size and shape it is, consider a candle that comes with its own holder, such as a jar candle.


When choosing a type of scented candle, you also need to consider how well it will distribute the scent. Smaller candles, such as tea lights, don't spread fragrance very far, as the flame is smaller and predominantly used for small homes and to create an atmosphere.


Generally speaking, the wider the candle, the better the scent distribution will be. For larger homes or someone who loves scents, consider a larger or multi-wick candle.


Another way to create an indulgent, spa-like atmosphere is to choose wax melts, which distribute scent quickly and easily.


Colour Ideas For Your Scented Candle

scented candles


When you're busy smelling deliciously scented candles, it's easy to forget about how they look. One of the benefits of choosing candles as a gift is that they're all beautiful in their own way, but you should still try to find one that fits the gift recipient's style.


While the shape of the candle will be determined by the type you choose, the colour is up to you. There are hundreds of coloured candles to choose from, and each can create a different vibe when lit, so you need to make the right decision.


The colour you choose depends on what message you want to convey with your gift, and what you want your loved one to feel when they light their new scented candle.


For a relaxing and calming experience, blue candles can be a great choice. Blue candles can cultivate feelings of tranquillity and peace, making them an ideal choice for those with busy lives or anyone suffering from stress.


If you're buying a candle for a romantic partner, then red is the colour of passion, while pink can be a perfect colour for Valentine's Day or to show your love.


Anniversaries often come with a colour attached, so if you choose a scented candle for this occasion, you can select one that symbolises your anniversary.


For a scented candle that's modern and stylish, you could also consider checking out our iridescent candle collection.


Other Gifts To Consider

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Candles aren't the only option for a luxurious and relaxing gift. If you're buying a treat for someone who loves candles, they might already have an extensive collection, so you could think about choosing a unique candle holder for them.


For anyone who already has an abundance of candles and wants something different, a reed diffuser can be a great way to encourage self-care and relaxation. Reed diffusers are innovative products that don’t require lighting and can be left to gently suffuse any room with a delightful scent.


By shopping the full Shearer Candles range, you can find the perfect gift to suit even the candle lover who has everything!


How To Make The Right Choice Every Time

Choosing the right scented candle is fun, so try to enjoy it. Take pleasure in inhaling the rich and decadent scents and checking out the stunning designs on offer.


If you want to learn more about the latest trends in the scented candle landscape or new products we offer that could make for perfect gifts, follow our blog.


Our range of scented candles encompasses everything from natural scents for everyday use to festive and special occasion collections.


So, whatever you need, we can help you find it. Browse our online store or visit our physical shop in St Enoch Centre, Glasgow or our Candle Store in Govan to find the perfect scented candle that will make a unique and unforgettable gift for the ones you love the most.

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