Best Yellow Candles For Spring 2024

Yellow candles are the perfect springtime accessory, adding warmth to any room. They can serve as key pieces in your home decor or highlight certain areas of your home.


Lighting a yellow candle in your home is a great way to bring out the best feelings. It will help enhance the warm tones around you and create a sense of happiness.


Yellow candles have a very uplifting effect on people's moods, helping them feel better about themselves and become more cheerful. They're usually the first choice when it comes to getting rid of sadness and gloominess from someone's emotions, dispelling negative thoughts that keep us from feeling good about ourselves.


Discover below what benefits yellow candles have, and how to make your home feel like spring.


What is the meaning of the yellow candle?


The colour yellow is often used to represent joy, happiness, enthusiasm and warmth. This makes yellow candles perfect for spring and summer home interior ideas.


A yellow candle will help you feel alert and energised because of the effect yellow has on the brain. The colour yellow is also a great colour to boost memory and encourage communication.


What are yellow candle benefits?

Just like yellow flowers, yellow candles make the room feel bright and cheery. They also symbolise sunny days and warmer weather. When you see yellow blooms, you immediately think of springtime and warm sunshine. Smelling a yellow flower is like feeling happiness and joy in your heart (which might be part of why people often associate yellow with optimism).


You can use this same symbolism when choosing yellow candles: represent Spring time in your home with a fresh home fragrance! Try fresh jasmine or honeysuckle infused into your favourite scented candle or wax melt to add some cheer to any room!


You may want to be a little adventurous, try adding other coloured candles with your yellow candle, such as:


  • Green candles
  • Pink candles
  • Purple candles
  • White candles
  • Blue candles


All these coloured options bring the sense of spring inside your home to enhance the feeling of happiness.


When is the best time to light a yellow candle?

lemon candles


Remember that yellow candles are associated with cheerfulness and happiness, so why not let them brighten up your mood?


Make sure your room is well-ventilated before you light any candles.


Yellow candles are wonderful to use in the morning when you wake up to start your day (they can help you feel more positive) or at night after dinner (they can help relax the mind).


Try lighting a candle every morning to represent each part of the day (morning sun = yellow candle).


Every night as you relax and unwind, reflect on your day and look forward to the next day with hope and warmth, all with the flicker of your yellow candle ambience.


What are the best smells for spring?

It's not just yellow candles that make superb spring candles; here are some of the best scents of spring:


  • Lemon is an amazing scented candle fragrance. A crisp, fresh scent can fill any room with a bright citrusy aroma that lasts.
  • Amber scent is yellow in colour and has been linked to success and fortune throughout history. It comes from natural oils found in the earth, has been around forever, and has a wonderful smell.
  • Lime, also associated with green candles, is a citrus fruit perfect for making spring home fragrance ideas. Lime produces an uplifting citrus aroma when burned as tealights, tin candles or jar candles.
  • Apple scented candles are great for making your home feel like spring; they’re clean, crisp and fresh, with a sweet scent that will leave the whole house smelling beautiful.
  • Lavender is a purple-coloured flower with a wonderful scent. It's one of the most popular scents and makes amazing home fragrance ideas for spring time.
  • Raspberry is a unique berry scent that will add a delicious fruity twist to your spring home fragrance ideas. Usually in a pink candle or pink candle holder, they add a touch of spring and calm.


These scents all invoke the feelings of happiness and relaxation that come with improved spring weather. They are perfect for setting the mood in your home and welcoming in the new season.


How to use yellow scented candles

yellow glass jar candle


There are many ways to use yellow scented candles to make your home feel like spring.


You could have yellow candles as part of your dinner setting. Try yellow candles as centrepieces on the coffee table or side tables. Here are some ideas:


  • Tealight candles are great because they can sit anywhere in your home without taking up too much space, but still making a big difference to how you feel about your home.
  • Tin candles in yellow candle holders are also a nice choice, because they are small enough to be placed in corners or on shelves, lovely ideas for bathroom or kitchen candles.
  • Pillar candles are a great option because they are so versatile. They can be placed in different rooms of your home as a stylish centrepiece. A pillar candle can instantly change the look of a room.
  • Dinner candles are perfect if you have spring dinner parties or spring gatherings, which suit beautiful candle sticks or taper candles. Yellow table dining candles and dinner candle holders add an amazing ambience to any event.
  • Jar candles are a nice addition to tables or mantles. They come in many sizes, and you can get them with lids, too. They save money buying candle holders, and you can get pretty much any colour you wish for.
  • **Home fragrances are especially important when you want to add the sense of freshness to your home, without it being too obvious. You can switch it up with:
  • Room sprays are available in spring scents such as lemon, amber, lime or vanilla, to name just a few; perfect for every room for an instant spring-fresh scent.
  • Reed diffusers set up one of these as you walk in your hallway or entrance room of your house. This is a fabulous way to keep the spring vibe consistent. Why not try one of these beautiful spring diffusers.
  • Wax melts are another great option, because they are more flexible than wax candles and allow you to change up the scent in your home more frequently. We are launching a new range very soon, so watch this space!

Try yellow candles today to add that Spring feeling now

With all these options available, it's easy to find something that fits into your home decorating style. Make yellow candles the star of your spring home fragrance ideas for Spring 2022.


For further help on yellow candle scents, check out our yellow candle section here. Shearer Candles offer every coloured candle at great prices, with every colour of the rainbow and more, there is something for everyone's shopping experience here.


Or visit one of our candle shops in Glasgow, where you can try each spring scent to see which you prefer ...... See you there!

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