Banish The January Blues


Frankincense-and-Myrrh Tin-Candles-2 Winter-Fig HollyberryandClove

For many January is one long, cold, broke month. It get’s dark early, the weather is usually as bad as it gets all year and the Christmas bills are still to be paid. Most people wish January away as quickly as possible. So here’s our advice; embrace it, take January to your heart and make the most of it! Revolutionary we accept but bear with us on this. Lack of money means lots of staying in, bad weather means lots of staying in and it getting dark at teatime means lots of staying in too. Can you see a pattern developing here? So if you’re staying in a lot you need to make things as pleasant as possible and that’s where we can come in because we’ve got a winter sale on. Yes, that helps you with the lack of finance in January! In our sale we’ve taken a full 25% off all our Winter Fragrance range, so not only are you saving money but the candles look beautiful and smell even better, perfect for those long, cold, dark nights you need to spend indoors! On top of that our candles are made to such exacting standards that they could last you until next January too. You can see our full range of winter candles on offer here - Remember to quote the Discount Code OTM33C, and once you have placed your first order with us you automatically become an Exclusive Member entitling you to even more discounts! Happy January!

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