25% Off Summer Hurricane Candles



What colours say fresh air, flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and carefree afternoons? Try our yellow, white, blue, orange, lime, pink or purple scented hurricane candles; each highly fragranced with the scents of the season. Energise your homes and gardens with these fabulous, long burning candles inspired by warm, radiant days of summer. Our offer of the month this month is no less than 25% off all of our Summer scented Hurricane Candles. Our hurricane candles are all scented with punchy, smooth or fruity scents to make your rooms and outdoor spaces smell beautiful. We have fruity scents; juicy and tangy Orange Blossom and zesty, citrus Persian Lime. We have floral scents if you prefer; Amber and Rose, full of sweet tuberose and violet fragrance, or Lavender and Neroli - a blend of spiced citrus and aromatic wild lavender. If none of these bold scents tickle your fancy you can try a lighter, fresher option with - The Egyptian Cotton candle. A smooth scent of cleanliness with silky floral notes and a slight spicing of clove. Last but definitely not least, our final candle, Vanilla and Coconut - a tropical fragrance with beautiful combinations of warm, creamy Coconut and crushed vanilla pods. Summer days in a candle... Don’t miss out on this July-only offer!

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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