Glasgow Doors Open Days is back!

We’re offering free candle factory tours during Glasgow Doors Open Days again this year!

Glasgow Doors Open Days is a weeklong festival that celebrates Glasgow’s architecture, culture and heritage through a free programme of open buildings and events. This year the festival takes place between 16th and 22nd September, and Shearer Candles are delighted to be taking part once again.

Shearer Candles takes part in Doors Open Days each year. For one week only every year, our candle factory tours are completely free (usually £15 per head).

On this guided tour you will witness the different mesmerising production techniques perfected over 122 years by Shearer Candles as we manipulate masses of molten wax!

Learn about our company’s long-standing history and our relationship with Glasgow. Get an insight into how candle making and the machinery we use has evolved over the years with this guided candle factory tour.

We will walk you through the life-span of a candle, from drawing board, to wax, wick, colour, scent, testing and through to first flame. You will also get to have a go yourself as you hand-pour your own candle to take home!

We will be showing small tours around our factory between Monday 16th September and Friday 20th September at the following times:

10am, 12 noon & 2pm

Booking is essential and on a first come first serve basis. You’re able to reserve your place now! To reserve your space, please click on the following link:

Click here to book my place!

Tickets usually sell out very fast so act now to avoid disappointment.

If you book a ticket and find you cannot attend, please get in touch with us as we can offer your place to someone else.



– We will begin our tour with an introduction to Shearer Candles, including an insight into our 122 year history of candle making.

– You will then take part in a candle making workshop where you will get to pour your own candle to take home.

– We will then show you round the candle factory, talking you through each technique and fielding any questions you may have.



The majority of our tour takes place in a working factory environment; therefore it is not suitable for those with physical access requirements or children under 12 years old. We do not have anywhere secure to store pushchairs, accessibility scooters or wheelchairs.

Children under 12 years old, including babies, are not permitted to enter the factory environment. Children between 12 and 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.



As we are a working factory, we have certain guidelines we must follow to prevent product contamination. We ask you to be aware of the following prior to your visit:

– No jewellery must be worn in the production and warehouse areas with the only exception being a plain wedding band. If you arrive wearing jewellery, you will be asked to remove this for the duration of the tour. We do have a safe where jewellery can be stored.

– Please wear sensible, filled-in, non-slip shoes – no stilettos please and no open-toed sandals.

– We cannot allow walking aids, mobility scooters, wheelchairs or pushchairs into the factory area.

– We will ask you to remove any baggage prior to entering the factory area. We have a secure area where your bags will be stored for the duration of the tour. You may also wish to store your jacket here for the duration of the tour.

– No nail varnish, false nails or false eyelashes are permitted in the production or warehouse areas. Visitors with nail varnish or false nails will be provided with disposable gloves for the duration of the tour.

– Please ensure your legs and upper arms are covered by clothing; ie please do not wear sleeveless vest tops or shorts/skirts that expose bare skin; tights or leggings must be worn too.

– Hair nets and beard covers for long facial hair must be worn at all times in the production and warehouse areas; these will be provided on arrival.

– Only BLUE plasters are permitted in production and warehouse areas. We will ask you to replace any other plasters on arrival. Loss of plasters must be reported to management.

– No food or drink is permitted in production areas.

– Photography is not permitted in the factory area