Why Choose Our Dining Candles?


We love to promote the quality of our candles with every opportunity. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality candles that contain only the purest and finest ingredients. As the oldest producer of lifestyle candles in the UK, at Shearer Candles we are upholding a long tradition of Scottish Candle Making. Today, over 115 years later, our factory is full of cutting-edge candle making technology, and popular the world over. We source our waxes from across Europe and our scents from France and the United States and the raw materials that we use are certified to the highest standard. Taking an average of six months from drawing board to first flame, we don't rush things. Each candle has its own recipe that takes into account the reactions between shapes, waxes & scents. Please watch our 8 hour dining candles burn with perfection in the video above. In the right conditions no one will be disappointed with these candles; straight burning, clean burning and safe. Buy online here.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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