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The Commonwealth Games is something we hear about almost daily through the media, businesses and chatter with our friends and family. The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will be a spectacular display of world-class sporting talent. But success won’t just be measured in goals and medals. It’ll be measured in jobs and the development of our businesses. And it’ll be measured in the number of people getting involved and making use of the facilities available in our local communities. Through these Games, we have a special opportunity to deliver a lasting contribution and there are numerous opportunities for people, businesses, organisations and communities in Glasgow and across the whole of Scotland to get involved as the games draw closer. So what can we offer for such a wonderful event? Well it was pretty simple to come up with our contribution to the games - provide Scottish Candles made in Glasgow for the tourists - the challenge is reaching those tourists and that is where you come in.

HighlandGifts Red-Red-Rose

Over the past few months we have been inundated with requests from retailers, hotels, caterers and events planners for our acclaimed Highland Collection - a unique range of Scottish scented candles inspired by Robert Burn’s and the beautiful Scottish landscape where our candles are made. Ok, so you can understand why retailers are buying our Scottish candles to extend their souvenir and tourist ranges and ensure they have something to offer those wanting to take a little piece of Glasgow home with them. But how else are our customers using our candles for the games? Hotels have bought our Highland tins to place in bedrooms as a little gift for their guests. Restaurants, bars and hotels have been placing some of our Highland jars and quaich candles in their bathrooms and reception areas as a lovely addition to their interiors and welcome to guests. And lastly, large corporate companies have been buying candles as corporate gifts for goody bags and event table decorations. So you don’t just need to sell our candles, you can decorate with them too. We are offering 10% off all our Highland Collection tin candles from now until the 3rd of August as part of our commonwealth contribution.

Ae Fond Kiss Tin Candle The Gathering Tin Candle Hogmanay Tin Candle Marsh Orchid Tin Candle Cranachan Tin CandleRed Red Rose Tin Candle

Tin candles can be taken anywhere, preserved effortlessly, opened and used at a moment’s notice. A candle that keeps its scent locked in and can be kept for as long as needed - ideal for the traveller. Quote GLASGOW14 online or offline to claim your discount. Offer ends 3rd August 2014, Trade Customers Only, Orders subject to review by the sales team, you must log into trade account for code to work. Have you thought about your contribution for the commonwealth games? Maybe it is the same as ours, maybe not but however involved you are make it a time to remember - we won’t see another one so close to home for a very long time! BlogSignature14 Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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