Will You be my Valentine? How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style


Red roses


We dream of springtime in Paris, When Harry Met Sally is one of our favourite films and we like hearts and flowers, no, we love hearts and flowers. That’s right, here at Shearer Candles, we’re unashamed hopeless romantics. So we think that Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to be a bit soppy and show somebody that you care, without any pressure to be flashy or splash oodles of cash. Actually, it can sometimes feel a bit silly when you go out for an expensive dinner all dressed up, surrounded exclusively by other couples, eating off a specially devised menu for all the romantics in the room. Instead there are other, less conspicuous, ways to celebrate the day and, here’s the best bit, you don’t even have to be that original. Just a teeny bit of effort and a sprinkling of surprise is usually enough to inject a hefty dose of lovin’ into an otherwise unromantic weekday.

Valentines Note

Write a Cute Love Note Without being too cheesy, OK, maybe a little cheesy, surprise your loved one with a cute note or silly poem in their lunchbox. It’ll brighten up their day at work no end and they might even pick you up something special as a thank you on the way home. Look, we’ve written one for you candle lovers! Cranberry and Ginger is red, Egyptian Cotton is blue, Our candles smell delicious, And so do you. Xx

Dinner set up

Cook Up a Feast Whip up a surprise Italian feast for your love to come home to. Make a steaming hot pot of spaghetti and pop a red and white checked tablecloth on the table to recreate that memorable scene from Lady and the Tramp where they accidentally share a spaghetti strand. Awwww, who knew that dogs were so soppy?

tealight candles

Create General Romantic Vibes If cooking isn’t your forte and you’re not tortured enough to write your beloved a poem, then simply light the candles and stick something smooth on the stereo. Prepare a candle lit bath, we love popping scented Tealights in old jam jars and dotting them around the bathroom, then chill some fizz in the fridge and prepare for enormous amounts of brownie points to come flooding your way.

Oud candles and diffuser

Give a Gorgeous Gift If you like to give a little gift as a token of your love then make it something wonderful that you will both enjoy, which will add to the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Our Textured Elements range, will bring some twinkly glamour, with Smoked Diamond' a perfect scent for idea her and Glowing Embers ideal for him. Glowing Embers gives off a strong flush of amber, soft precious woods and patchouli, while Smoked Diamonds offers playful florals, sensual musks and sweet cocoa (and is, ahem, much cheaper than actual diamonds.) The perfect scents for wooing and drinking a little Tuesday night wine to. Happy Valentine’s Day candle lovers! Xx

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