Valentine's Candle Offer


It’s our opinion that nothing creates a romantic mood like a candle. Dimming the lights and lighting a couple of candles can transform a mid-week evening meal. An evening at home simply watching a film on the sofa becomes a romantic night in when you light half a dozen tea-lights and just try using a few candles in the bedroom or when running a bath and see what kind of reaction it brings! Armed with this knowledge puts you at a great advantage during these austere times. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching but money is tight, we’d all like the big romantic gesture but circumstances just might not make that possible this year. Dinner out might need to be dinner in, instead of your favourite restaurant this year you might need to dig out one of Nigella’s or Jamie’s recipe books. Instead of the trip to the cinema and a couple of drinks this year you might need to settle for Netflix and a bottle of wine in the living room. So let us help you here.

We’ve reduced the price of some of our most romantic candles, just for Valentine’s. ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and ‘Red, Red Rose’ are named after and inspired by two of the most romantic Scottish songs ever written. You can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful candles flickering throughout your Valentine’s evening. As well as adding that romantic touch our delicious candle scents dance through the air. ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ is a delicate blend of floral white heather and sweet Highland honey. Our Red, Red Rose scent is as is sounds, dew-drenched, luscious rose petals are a sure smell to send your love levels into overdrive. We’ve different sizes on offer including the Whisky Goblet, Pillar Candles and Chalice in both scents. Browse our complete Valentine's candles here. Lastly, if you think someone in your life might need a gentle reminder of Valentine’s Day, have a look at our Facebook page where we’ve provided several useful Subtle Valentines Hintsfor you to use.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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