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This Valentine's post is directed at our wonderful male fans, but ladies, have a read its funny and so true! Valentine’s Day. The corporations way of expressing our love, adoration and lustfulness, has reared its ugly head once again. Romantic meals, chocolates, flowers, gifts and cuddly things, all seem to do the job of expressing our love and appeasing our loved ones on this hallmark of days, and despite it smacking of cynicism, we are obliged to enter into this façade of wooing and loveliness if for nothing else than a peaceful few months and a tick next to your name on the list of “man-ligations” Well Gents, you have our sympathies. Valentine’s Day can be a minefield of expectation and disappointment. The standard formula of “cooking a meal that you saw Heston do last week” won’t do, neither will booking a table at a local restaurant, where you will gaze in awe and wonder into your beloveds eyes, surrounded by 200 other couples up until 8 o’clock, where you have to give the table back. So, the dilemma; to create a formula wherein you can express your love to your good lady, without

A) Breaking the bank

B) Doing what everyone else does

C) Ending up on the singles websites at the start on March.

To this end, we offer a solution. The Candle. These wax made monuments of bliss have been the staple of the thinking man’s valentine’s presents for centuries. By their very nature, candles are versatile. They can be used to illuminate, create an atmosphere, used simply as decoration and (I’m sure we can all appreciate this one) mask unwanted smells. So, where to begin on your candle choosing adventure?

As a general rule of thumb, when choosing a candle for your other half consider 3 things.

1. Their favourite colour

2. Their favourite scent and

3. Their favourite room. For example, if your partner likes White, coconut and long baths, consider our tropical coconut cosmetic spa candle. If they are a fan of orange, tropical fruits and the reading in the front room, consider our tropical smoothie wax filled food tin candle. The combinations are endless, so choosing a candle is as simple as 1,2,3! Candles last longer than a bottle of champagne, and will leave a prettier smell than a burnt risotto; they can be used to create an atmosphere and will leave your other half in awe of your thoughtfulness and originality. To compliment this, throw in a beautiful Pillar candle and a stylish candle holder, and you will be out-performing your mates and gaining envious looks from hers. By giving a candle to your other half, you are giving them a ticket to be whisked away to a world of tranquillity and peace. In doing this, you are giving them the best Valentine ’s Day present they could wish for, peace and quiet.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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