Tin Candles

When shopping for something to place in your home, you rarely give much thought to what your desired purchase is presented in. It doesn’t make much difference if your new scissors are in those fiddly plastic moulds that are impossible to get into, without a pair of scissors, or the milk carton has a picture of a relieved cow on the front of it you shop for the innards of the awkward packaging, rather than the case in which it is presented. Well, we at Shearer Candleslike to innovate and evoke change. We are the oldest chandler company in Glasgow and you don’t reach that accolade by doing the same thing over and over, year after year. So listen in, pull up a chair and let us tell you how we are going to change the way you look at candles. We give to you a candle that can be taken anywhere, preserved effortlessly and opened and used at a moments notice. A candle that keeps its scent locked in and can be kept for as long as needed. We are of course referring to our wonderful tinned candles range, where the presentation is as wonderful and as versatile as the candle itself. These candles are perfectly cocooned in their tins making them ideal to be thrown into a bag for a camping trip, saved away in a cupboard for times of chandler need and hidden away in case of emergencies. Now choosing a scent is not easy. We have written about the need to match culinary aromas with chandlery, consider the seasons and guests before overpowering them with strong and improper whiffs. We have a great selection of tinned candles that are perfect for any situation. Start with our wonderful Egyptian cotton scent. This will add a freshness and lightness to any environment, and can be ideal when out in a camping van and needing to add a homely smell to mask the odour emitting from the boys boots after a day of exploring. Secondly we have the Watermelon tinned candle. This is a real crowd favourite and ideal as a gift or for a light summer evening. The tropical scents evoke a relaxed atmosphere and air and the tin allows you to preserve the scent and freshness for the next time you need to brighten up a room with some tropical loveliness! Next we have the Citronella and lemon balm large tinned candle. This is the solution to miniature outdoor pesks and is a must have when travelling or exploring outdoors. The citronella and lemon balm create a pleasing yet effective scent that will allow you to enjoy a fresh and citrusy environment without any unwanted intruders! And finally we have our food tins range - Delice Aroma. Three yummy, fun candle tins; Strawberry Milkshake, Kiwi and Lime Mousse and Banoffee Pie. Perfect for masking or adding to foody aromas. All of our candles are available to buy online now. Kind Regards Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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