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We all want to enjoy our Christmas meal and making the table a welcoming place for guests to linger is just as important as the food. Well, daunting as it seems, arranging the perfect Christmas table couldn't be easier. Creating a table with the wow factor sets the tone for the entire Christmas dinner. Also laying the table for Christmas dinner can be as much fun as decorating the tree. Firstly think about colour, do you want to go traditional with reds and greens or add a bit of glamour with silver or gold. Touches of black, purple and orange can add a bit of depth and spice too. Your table decorations don't have to be fancy or elaborate. And you certainly don't have to spend a fortune. Table runners are a wonderful place to start. They add colour to plain tables or table cloths, I especially like glitter or sequin styles.

Next think about napkins, Christmas crackers and place names. Continue your colour theme making sure they all complement each other visually. You can even add little silver or gold scatter stars for more glitter.

Christmas tables are not complete without table centres. Why not try stylish mini Christmas trees or candles in beautiful handmade floral wreaths, glass hurricane glasses or candleabras. Having one or two statement pieces on the table will create the perfect feature. If you decide to go with candles, I’d suggest scented candles or dining candles. Try a spicy or fruity scented candle that will complement your foods. Frankincense and Myrrh, Hollyberry and Clove and Orange and Cinnamon would be perfect, people love walking into a scented room.

Your table will be filling up now and remember there is still the food! Dot little tealight holders around the table for extra sparkle. Shearer Candles has a wonder range of Christmas inspired holders and lovely glitter tealights. A festive table twinkling with tealights really looks special.

The last thing to think about is the room lighting. Dim the lights and let the candles set the festive mood. Try glow globes or church candles to add a statement to the room or have hurricane glasses placed around the mantles or side boards. Fairy lights are also a great ambiance setter, drape around windows or the doors for the ultimate festive feel.

A Christmas dinner should always begin with a toast, so crack open the Champers and celebrate the good times of 2011. Successful dinner parties are full of laughter and fun. To get everyone talking you can buy simple games everyone will enjoy, or even create your own.

After the toast comes the dinner of the year, what everyone has been looking forward to. This is now your time to sit back, relax and enjoy the tasty food. Desert time is always my favourite part of the evening; make sure you have a couple of choices to suit everyone. After dinner retire to the living room, forget about the dishes (until tomorrow) and enjoy the rest of your Christmas evening. Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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