The Perfect Candles For Moon Day

Candle Glow Did you know that 20th July is dubbed “Moon Day” as it’s the anniversary of the date man first walked on the moon? 57 years ago today, in 1961, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin completed their 384,400 km journey in Apollo 11 and landed on the moon’s rocky surface. The moon remains a beautiful and mysterious symbol to mankind that has so many spiritual and cultural associations, and is such an inspiration to writers, musicians, artists, and creators, just like ourselves. Candle makers are fascinated by the moon’s gentle, romantic glow and the effect it can have on people; it’s a magic we try to add to all our creations.

The Moon Glowing

When we created our Home Collection, this glowing ambience was something we were really attached to; the flickering flame is lovely, but we wanted the whole candle to glow when it lit, just like the moon’s surface. The matt white glass vessels that encase the fragranced wax glow beautifully when lit, making these candles a real statement piece. Not only will they fill your home with sophisticated fragrance blends, but they are absolutely mesmerising. Light one this Moon Day and let the week drift away into the night. Explore the Home Collection...

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