Summer Trends 2011


While on a visit to Paris earlier this year, Artistic Director of Shearer Candles, Rosey Barnet observed many wonderful fashion and home interior trends. This got us really excited about Summer and whats in store for us this 2011 season. Interiors - Living Space: Bold Vintage Florals; Chrysanthemum, Tulips, Ranunculus and Peony Rose. Accessorize with statement clear glass vases and delicate floral China Rose scented Pillar candles. Conservatory & Terrace: Costal chic and cool airy whites. Accessorize with rococo picture frames and our filled storm glasses, scented with delicious tropical vanilla & coconut . Bathroom Spa: Rattan Polished wood and rustic finishes. Accessorize with textured towelling and light with Ginger Lilly Scented Spa Jars. Kitchen: Retro mix & match free standing units. Accessorize with coloured gadgets and appliances, scent and warm with Rosemary and Mint soy candles. Boudoir: Feminine creams and frills. Accessorise with metallic trinket boxes and throws, create a luxurious ambiance with Amber & Rose candles & diffusers. Garden: Exotic Oriental Cherry blossom, Lotus, Hydrangea and Water fountains light the way with Lanterns and glow globes. Tea Time: Vintage tea sets & cake stands piled high with macaroons & cream cakes create an elegant tea table with tapered dining candles or pastel rustic candles. Enjoy accessorising with candles and holders this summer. Kind Regards Shearer Candles

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