Sneak a peek at our New ‘Metallic’ Collections

Months of planning, creative brainstorming, designing, art-working, scent sampling, test burning and all the science that goes into making a candle and diffuser we are delighted to announce that we will be launching two new ‘on trend’ home fragrance collections this Autumn 2016.

Introducing… Signature Metallics

Signature Couture: An exclusive luxury addition to our award winning Couture Collection. Featuring 3 beautiful fine fragrances; Oud, Neroli & Cerise for the ultimate scent throw. Experience the collection: Candles & diffusers in on-trend metallic vessels encased in alluring black gift boxes. gold and silver spiked vessel candles

Textured Elements: A limited edition collection, taking inspiration from Earth’s finest elements. Featuring 2 powerful fragrances; Glowing Embers & Smoked Diamonds Experience the collection: Candles in black and white wax, encased in textured gold and silver metallic vessels. Both collections will not only change your perception on home scenting, they will add a little touch of glamour and trend to your interior space. Now we wait in anticipation……… Save Save Save Save Save

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