Shining a light on a traditional Welsh party.


As soon as someone utters the phrase “Patron Saint Day” we are all subconsciously drawn to images of emerald and Gold, 4 leaf clovers and giant novelty hats. Of course, we are referring to St Patrick. We lick our lips in anticipation of celebrating this patron saint by drinking Guinness, getting stuck into a hearty Irish stew, and dusting off our old Pouges albums for an evening of revelry, reeling and celebration. But as we approach March there are still 17 days to go and for some, that is 17 days too long. So to you, our revelling and restless friends, we give to you another nation to celebrate. Wales national day, St. David’s Day. The Welsh have a wonderful way of celebrating the day of their patron saint. The country famous for great singing, daffodils and rolling valleys opens its doors to the rest of us, to bask in all things wonderfully Welsh. During this day in Wales people will wear a daffodil or leek on their lapels and in Cardiff a huge parade takes place. Schools are closed and pubs and clubs host traditional folk concerts and even the empire state building in New York is basked in the welsh colours of Red, Green and White. Although St David’s reputation amongst the candle minded folk is maybe not worth getting into, (He was associated with corpse candles, which is another blog in itself) we do feel his day is worthy of a celebration. So with that in mind and with Tom Jones blaring out the stereo, here goes. We cannot really start anywhere else that looking towards the most recognised symbol of all things welsh, The Daffodil. It’s bright yellow colours and blooming at this time of year remind us that spring is not too far away. The Welsh will wear this on their lapels to mark of St David’s Day, so we feel that by bringing a yellow candle into your home you can enjoy the day in true Welsh style. We have lots of different styles here so pick one that matches the room you wish to use it in, and enjoy! Secondly we look at another characteristic of Wales in our choice. Welsh farmers produce some of the world’s best lamb, and it would be uncouth to celebrate St.David’s Day without acknowledging this. So to that end, and mainly because we don’t think the “essence de sheep” scented candles would be very nice, we suggest the rosemaryand mint scented candle. These two ingredients are a staple in any decent lamb roast and the two scents combine beautifully in this very special scented candle, filling your home with the aroma of the Welsh valleys. Finally we have the simple pillar candle. Wales has a long and rich heritage in mining, and it was these types of candles that used to light the mines before electricity and cables. These candles were often placed both along the mine shafts and on the miner’s helmets to illuminate the rockface. We have a large variety of pillar candles and their reliability and robustness has not been lost over the years. If it’s good enough for the tough miners, its good enough for us! While many will celebrate St.Davids Day by eating cawl, wearing leeks or baking taffes, we candle fans at Shearer candles prefer to do things a little differently, and choose candles that match the occasion. Are you celebrating St.Davids Day? What are you doing to mark the occasion?

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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