Our Top Five Mandles For Father’s Day Gifts


Fathers Day Gifts


Hey, guys like candles too! More so than you might imagine, actually. Which is why we try to make our portfolio nice and varied with a good choice of masculine scents and shapes alongside the floral and delicate products.

With Father’s Day on the horizon (17th June, if like some in the office, you’d completely forgotten!) we’ve compiled our top five “mandles” we think Dad will love…

1) Amber Noir

Amber Noir Candles

Amber Noir is our flagship scent; it’s a mysterious fragrance that provokes the senses and leaves you wanting more. Discover the rare dark essence of tuberose, violets and amber captured in unusual black wax. Packaged in black matt glass with gold finishes, this range of scented candles and diffuser looks sophisticated and luxurious.

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2) Glowing Embers

Glowing Embers

Glowing Embers is part of our Textured Elements range which takes inspiration from the Earth’s finest and rarest elements. Experience a strong flush of amber, soft precious woods and patchouli in this soft yet masculine scent. Presented in a navy wax, Glowing Embers is encased in a gold studded vessel which has proven popular with our male customers. Also check out its silver counterpart, Smoked Diamonds, which shows softer tones of playful florals, sensual musks and sweet cocoa.

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3) Uisge Beatha

Uisge Beatha

Uisge Beatha, literally meaning “water of life”, refers to one of our favourite tipples here in Scotland; Whisky of course! Our Uisge Beatha fragrance is part of our Highland range, inspired by our heritage and surroundings here in Scotland. This beautifully round and sweet scent carries notes of honey and malt and is presented in a beautiful smoked glass goblet in gift box. The perfect gift alongside a dram for Dad!

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4) Mantelpiece


Mantelpiece is one of six new scents in our recently launched Home Collection. This deliciously moreish and masculine scent shows smoke trails of wild ginger, warmed with amber and sandalwood. Packaged in beautifully clean and discreet white glass and ceramic, each scent in the Home Collection is available as diffuser, multiwick candle, 30cl jar candle and tin candle.

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5) Oud


Oud is one of Arabia’s oldest and rarest fragrances. Fit for Royalty, this precious woody scent leaves smoke trails of spices and ginger. Oud is part of our Signature Collection, a luxury range of diffusers, multiwick candles and jar candles all displayed in gorgeous metallic vessels.

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Why not add on a gift bag to your order, then all you’ll need is a card.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads when it comes!

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