Our New Naturals Collection is Here




We are delighted to unveil our new Naturals Collection today! As manufacturers, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our plastic output and wherever possible, to work with more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

The new Naturals Collection uses minimal plastic packaging and is fully recyclable once used. Discover three wonderful new fragrances, each containing natural essential oils, that will transport you to a tranquil, calm place.

Each fragrance is available in a double wick 100% soy wax scented candle, a 170ml scented diffuser with gift box and a 200ml scent oil bottle.



No. 1: Bergamot & Rose

Discover a beautifully nostalgic and rejuvenating fragrance that drifts on a breeze. Reminisce with top notes of earthy bergamot and morning rose, opening with light and luminous geranium, balsam and verbena. Explore this fragrance...


No. 2: Cedarwood & Log Fire

Discover a wonderful fragrance that evokes memories of relaxing walks and roaring log fires, with top notes of bergamot and quince warmed by gentle sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli. Explore this fragrance...


No. 3: Eucalyptus & Pine

Discover a forest canopy of intoxicating woody pine, blended with citrus-crisp eucalyptus. Bring the wilderness home with this rich, harmonic fragrance complemented by spruce, balsam and fir.

Explore this fragrance...

The range is available to purchase from today on our website.

Shop the full range by clicking here.


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