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Halloween is one of those occasions that’s changed over the last 20 or so years. There was a time, in the UK at least, when Halloween was simply for children. They dressed up and went guising around friends and neighbours houses. Their costumes were homemade, they were expected to ‘perform’, to sing a song or tell a joke, and sweets and monkey nuts were the currency they were rewarded in. Times change. No longer is Halloween simply for children, adults both young and old, mark Halloween in different ways now too. For some it’s an opportunity to recapture some childish fun, dress up and invite some friends round. For others it marks the changing of the seasons, summer only a memory now, autumn all around and the downhill rush to Christmas on the horizon. As the seasons change our moods and behaviour change too. The dropping temperature and dark evenings mean most of us are staying in more, so the temptation to entertain friends is enticing. Whether it’s an elaborate dinner party, something more informal, or simply turning the lights off and watching a horror movie or two with friends we’re finding customers are asking for ‘Halloween’ candles more and more. With this in mind we’ve picked out some we think are the most appropriate.


Tealight holders aren’t candles of course, but combined with the humble tealight they can transform a room. So we’re suggesting either our black or orange Bubble Tealight Holders or our Black Pattern Votive Tealight Holder, they look great and will create just the right mood. To go with them you’ll need some tealights so we recommend the Amber Noir or Orange and Cinnamon scented tealight. Both have a lovely autumnal smell and are Halloween coloured too! If you’re planning something a little more formal then we’ve black or orange dining candles. They come in packs of 12 and will literally light up any dining room. Lastly a scented Tin Candle is very popular. Easy to use, keep and reuse again as well as transport around the house or further afield. Again we recommend either Amber Noir or Orange and Cinnamon, as well being visually attractive they’ll stimulate your other senses too! Lastly, to help celebrate Halloween we’d like to offer you a little extra help – 25% off all of the candles and candle holders mentioned above. So whatever else might scare you this Halloween it won’t be the price of our candles! Happy Halloween.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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