Let’s take this outside –dine outdoors at a moment’s notice


Garden Candles

Eating al fresco makes us feel all continental, like we’re on holiday – until we need to run indoors to grab the salt shaker. Apparently being at one with mother nature and free from distraction also means that we savour our food more and eat less than we would if sitting on the sofa, scoffing a vat of pasta, in front of True Detective. But as much as we love outdoor dining, we feel wary. In the past we’ve had our fingers burned by the unpredictable weather spoiling plans for sun drenched weekend nibbles. This is why we’ve mastered the art of being prepared for unexpected sunshine!

Moroccan Dining

With the right accessories waiting in the wings, it’s possible to turn your garden into a serene space that your neighbours will covet, just as soon as the sun comes out from behind that cloud. Relatively cheap and easy to store, big colourful cushions are a stylish alternative to traditional garden furniture and require far less upkeep.

Garden Mood

As with so much in life – it’s all about the lighting. As dusk falls and the second bottle of Prosecco makes its way from the fridge, it’s time to light up an array of tea lights glistening in jewel coloured candleholders. This globe gives off an eternally flattering light and is perfect indoors and outdoors. When the temperature allows for outdoor lounging you can simply grab it from its winter home in the living room and place it in the garden.

Moroccan Dining 2

The vibe we’re aiming for is hazy Moroccan Riad, so lanterns and lattice tealight holders are another easy addition that provide stylish decoration during the day and some exotic atmosphere when the sun goes down. Dot a couple on the garden path, mix up the sizes, hang one up– the Eastern fairy tale is almost complete. With a low Moroccan style table placed at the centre of the action it’s time to lay back and relax… From Maidenhead to Morocco in a minute! Now pass us that Prosecco… BlogSignature14 Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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