Using Candles for a Hygge Home - Hygge Blog Series Part 1


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We're loving the new wellness trend that is sweeping homes everywhere this winter - Hygge. Whether you've heard of it before or not, it's definitely something you'll want to indulge in! Think cosy nights in, duvet days and ofcourse LOTS of your favourite candles! Hygge, pronounced 'hue-gah' (we struggle too), comes from our friends in Denmark, who are supposedly one of the happiest nations around. it stands for everything that makes you feel warm inside, which is what we're all about! Check out our blog on How To Hygge for getting into the Danish state of mind. Our hygge blog series will help you turn your home into a warm and welcoming retreat with some great tips and tricks. Part one focuses on using candles around the home - a vital factor in achieving hygge, and probably the easiest and quickest way! Lounge Lets start with the living room - the core of hygge chill. Creating the perfect lounging environment isn't hard - we like to scatter candles around the room and dim the lights right down. Indulge in scents of Amber Noir, Frankincense and Myrrh or our new Cranberry & Ginger to create a truly festive fragrant retreat. No fireplace? No problem! Recreate the toasty feel by clustering groups of Pillar Candles together. Using different sizes adds a rustic focal point to a room whilst maintaining a sense of luxury. Grab a blanket, light up the candles and get your favourite Christmas film on - guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit!

Christmas Candles

Cleanse We love tealights in the bathroom. Our Amber Noir Tealights are perfect for filling the room with a rich, but not overpowering scent, and will leave you feeling ultra chilled. Our Natural Spa Collection is also perfect for creating an at home spa feel any night of the week, with a selection of blissful scents to choose from. Scatter candles around the bath and pour in a generous serving of bubble bath for ultimate relaxation.

Natural Spa range in bathroom

Indulge Set the tone and soothe the soul with candlelight over dinner. No matter the cuisine, candlelight at meals creates an ambience that will bring everyone together. Today, indulging in good food with good company is one of our favourite things in life, so dim the lights and bring hygge to the table with some Dining or Pillar Candles. Candles create a sense of calm, and are the perfect accompaniment to bring everyone together after a hectic day to indulge in a delicious feast.

Dinner Table with dining candles

Relax Candlelight in the bedroom not only oozes romance, but also helps your body wind down and get ready for sleep. Try to avoid harsh lighting close to bedtime as this can affect sleep, instead light up the candles and chill with your favourite book, and don't forget to blow out the flame before sleeping! Waking up to a beautifully scented room is an added bonus!

metallic candle on bedside table Enjoy hygge in every room!

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