How to Hygge

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Sadly, we’ve came to the realisation that Summer is drawing to a close and winter will soon be upon us. Usually, we’d be counting the days until next Summer, but thanks to the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ we’ve recently discovered we’re looking forward to cosy nights in with a great excuse to burn our favourite candles.

So what is ‘Hygge’ you ask. Pronounced ‘Hue-Gah’, it is simply the idea of surrounding yourself with things that make you feel warm and happy inside. Hygge is fast becoming an international wellness trend, and we have the world's happiest nation, Denmark, to thank for it. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures, cosying up by a fire, layering up in chunky knits, indulging in decadent food and drink with friends, and most importantly relaxing to the scent of your favourite candle, are all hygge. Now you think about winter like that, it almost seems like something to look forward to!

Here are our top tips for enjoying this Autumn and Winter like the Danish. Enter your hygge state of mind and create a season of bliss.

Spend time with loved ones

It’s easy to miss important family and friend time during the hussle and bussle of daily life, especially in the run up to the festive season (yikes, are we talking about that already?!). One of life’s most simple pleasures is to spend time with the ones you love. So as the nights get colder, take time for your favourite people. Host a dinner party, have a pamper night, wrap up and go a long walk, or simply catch up for some delicious hot chocolate and a chat. You’ll be sure to find happiness by taking some time out and finding hygge together.


Summers over, the bikinis are away – it’s time to indulge in some of the finest food and drink the colder months have to offer. Go on, have that slice of cake, go for a drink with your friends - maintaining a balanced lifestyle is all about indulging in the good things in life too! Cosy nights in lit by candlelight and surrounded by your favourite food will sure create a sense of warmth for everyone. Decorate your dinner table with autumnal colours to create a true feeling of hygge – our Rustic Candles come in a range of cosy hues.


You’ve worked hard and it’s time to chill. Taking just one evening to yourself a week will help you find your inner hygge. Whether it’s soaking in a long hot bath, cosying up in bed with a book, or pampering yourself with a face mask in your pj’s, hygge is truly all about creating a warm, happy and comforting atmosphere. Candles are the perfect ambience creator and will add that special touch to your hygge moment. Create a warm glow with Shearer Candles range of scented candles and you’ll be sure to slip into ultimate relaxation. Our favourite Winter Scents are Amber Noir, Cinnamon Spice, and Frankincense & Myrrh.

Hygge is for everyone, and hopefully will make your Winter (and beyond) as lovely as ever.

We know how we’ll be spending our cold Winter nights, and look forward to our #AmberNoirFridays which just shout hygge bliss! What’s your hygge?

Range of candles and reed diffuser

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