Create the Perfect Candle Lit Dinner Party.


It may seem surprising, but one of the most overlooked elements of a dinner party, is one of the most important. The hidden secret to the success of a dinner party is not only the food, the wine, the guests or the anecdotes, it’s a combination of them all, it’s the atmosphere. Creating atmosphere is more than starting the story about mischievous times at university and reminiscing the feelings of being younger, and the irony that only “older” people have and host dinner parties; its more about the feeling that your guests will get when entering your home. Whether that is by having a slow cooked chicken wafting its way from the kitchen, or a peat fire in the winter, or even some sort of soft music playing in the background, these elements combine to make the most impressive atmosphere that comforts your guests when they enter the house. However, the most important one, the one that sets the scene, is the lighting, and within that, the candle light. Candles are the objects that combine all the elements of atmosphere together and instantly relax your guests. Whether it be dining candles for the table or scented candles to mask the smell of the burnt potatoes we often underestimate their importance in creating the unforgettable atmosphere. Here I will give you tips on the top 5 candles to help create that magical ambience.

1. The Welcome Candle

This candle should be your brightest, warmest one. It should be the boldest and largest. Usually placed in a lantern hanging by your front door, it should indicate that your guests will be welcomed and should give your guests an indication of what to expect when they enter your home.

2. The Entrance Candle

With your entrance candle you should decide on a candle that is pleasant, warming and seasonal. If it is burning slowly in your reception room or hallway, it will give your home a pleasant aroma and mask any unwanted smells coming from the kitchen. Dependant on season you could opt for a spice scented candle for winter, or a vanilla and coconut for summer, or even a fruit orange and cinnamon or mango and starfruit. Consider the aroma’s created by your cooking and try and compliment them with the smell of your candles.

3. The Dining Candles

When dinner is served, the table should be dressed properly, and no table is complete without large, prominent candles lighting the room. These are to light the room, so when choosing look for the larger, slower burning ones that do not drip. Church candles are great for this, as are Sherwood candles, which will fit with ease into your candelabra.

4. The Centre Piece

This is the most important candle of the evening. Sitting in the middle of the table, it should be smoke and drip free, and should be a focal point, as well as providing more light around the table. Be it seasonal, homemade or a combination of various candles it should be prominent enough to be seen, yet discreet enough not to get in the way.

5. The After Dinner

Once your guests have been fed and watered, and as the evening draws to a close, you should consider the candle light for the after dinner drinks. Consider our Soy Wax Candles with low light, no drip and a small amount of smoke. The candles that you use can often dictate the mood and aura of your evening, so by choosing the correct candles for each section of the evening you will suitably impress your guests to ensure the success of your evening. From the welcome candle to the after dinner drinks ambience - I hope you find our special tips and Shearer Candle knowledge helpful to win over your guests and become an expert host.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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