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Thankfully it seems the summer is starting to drag itself, late as ever, into our lives. As I write this the sun is splitting the sky here at Shearer Candles HQ and fingers crossed we may even see a BBQ at some point over the weekend. Wishful thinking of the highest order. We love outdoor entertaining here at Shearer Candles. Eating outside, watching sunsets and chatting with friends is amongst some of the finest activities one can undertake. However, we also know the stress and trauma that can go alongside planning an outdoor party. Will the food burn on the BBQ? Will the party be ambushed by hoards of wasps and other insects? And will the weather hold? Whilst we cannot guarantee the weather, or anticipate the movement of wasps we can offer you a solution to the problem of illumination during your party. I am sure we are all in no doubt that candles are a fundamental must have when entertaining outdoors. However they do come with a few intrinsic issues, one of which is that a gust of wind can blow them out, or a nudge on the table can cause them to topple over and extinguish themselves. To this issue we present our wonderful range of Lanterns.

Starting out small, we have our beehive lanterns. Named after their resemblance to a hanging beehive, these glass lanterns come in a variety of colours and can be hung anywhere in your garden, adding colour and light to your evening. Similar to the beehive holder, we have the wonderfully cute tealight holders. These lanterns can hold a single tealight and are perfect as a centre piece on a smaller, outdoor table. Both are available to buy online at our online store.

If however you are in need of a more robust lantern, consider our silver ribbed mirror lantern. This lantern will allow light to illuminate out from a hanging position and will look great in any garden. If you fancy something a little more traditional, try our stainless steel storm lantern. This is your traditional, 4 glass pane lantern. Simply pop in a pillar candle, shut the little door on the lantern and your garden will be illuminated in a warm glow of loveliness.

Finally for those looking for something a little different in a lantern, consider our Glow Globe Wax Lantern.This lantern lights an area with a cosy glow, and combines the decor of interior pieces with the functionality of an outdoor lantern. Perfect as a conversation starter. So, whilst weather, animals and bad cooking cannot be guaranteed at your outdoor party, at the very least you can impress your guests with some contemporary and stylish candle lanterns. All of our lanterns are available to buy online here.

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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