Garden Trends 2011


Create amazing atmospheres by burning Shearer Candles 'On the Terrace' Al Fresco garden candles. Perfect for parties, BBQ's and simple evening relaxation and dining.

If you have a conservatory or terrace then you can enjoy garden candles all year round. There are many types of 'On The Terrace' candles that you can use including stylish jar candles, tins, ceramics and lanterns in which you can use a variety of candles. Use colourful garden candles to brighten up your space and our scented Citronella and Lemonbalm candles to add fragrance, soothe and invigorate the senses. To make a statement place our Glow Globe Wax Lanterns lit with Church Pillar Candles lining paths or on steps and enjoy contemporary, sophisticated, atmospheric lighting. Kind Regards Shearer Candles

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