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What a week! With record temperatures blasting Scotland and the entire UK basking in temperatures more familiar with late summer on a Greek island than here we've been reunited with an old friend.

The overlooked, often unkempt, lover that we normally only enjoy the company of for the bright, sunny days of the year…our gardens. Those pieces of land that surround our homes can be many things to many people.

Temples of serenity, sports grounds and who can forget the humble allotment patches, tended to lovingly and with such promise of fare that invariably end up looking more like a reject from the bottom of the compost pile, than a prize-winning marrow.

So, when the sun draws us into these wonderful places we take with us our friends and family, we entertain until the sun goes away and like an uncompassionate bouncer, turfs us out of our lovely place with such force and lack of benevolence that we are left mourning the once-great day.

Well, friends, this need not be the case as we are proud to announce that our latest range of outdoor Shearer Candles and holders are now available to buy online. These will keep your entertainment running right into the evening, giving both light and warmth to the evening atmosphere, and to give you a guide on some of the best sellers, here is a quick rundown of some of our favourites. First up we have the Citronella and Lemon Balm candle. This is ideal for illuminating a picnic table with the added benefits of lemon and hints of citrus make this candle a great companion to the evening entertainment. These are available in pots, tealights and flares, which are quintessential when entertaining outdoors.

Secondly we have our stunning clear glass hurricane lamp. This is beautiful when paired with a solid pillar candle and can make a real statement on your patio dining table. The glass will also protect the candle flame from being extinguished by sharp gusts of wind and will add sophistication and style to your evening.

Finally we have the stainless steel storm lantern. Again when teamed with a pillar candle this stainless steel lantern will protect your candle from the elements whilst its glass windows allow light to irradiate your environment, keeping your party in full swing. Hang in a patio or outside to gain the full effects of this stunning statement piece.


Given the nature of this article and the law of sod that seems to accompany the weather, I have no doubt that by the time this is being read we will have slipped back into the grips of a grey and bleak winter.

However, with the eternal optimism and hope that we have for nice weather during the summer, we can if anything have these pieces on hand, so that when the summer makes her next appearance, we can be ready.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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