Donations to Front Line Workers

Steph, our Head of Product Development, getting ready to donate over 100 candles to front line workers

Like many businesses, Shearer Candles and our staff have been thinking of ways to show our extreme gratitude to the NHS, emergency services and front line workers such as supermarket staff, delivery drivers and postmen who are keeping the country going, and helping us to stay at home.

Over the weekend, we delivered over 100 scented candles to supermarket staff in our local area (Govan, Glasgow). This was the first of many deliveries that we hope will put a smile on a front line worker's face.

We're biased, but we know the joy a scented candle can bring to a home. A beautiful fragrance can be so uplifting; it can make you feel positive and fresh. And candlelight is calming; ideal for setting a relaxing scene at the end of a long, hard day.

We hope these candles go some way to illustrate our support and gratitude.

Keep up the good work everyone!

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