Autumn has arrived



Once again it is time for hats and scarves and gloves and to air out the heavy coats and waterproof jackets. Time to dig out your boots and umbrellas. To put up your collar as the wind bites a little deeper and blows a little stronger making the gradually turning leaves dance and swirl their way to the ground.

It’s not only colder but it’s also darker now too. The sun rises later and sets earlier, it does create some wonderful sunsets for us to admire but the darkness is much less inviting to go out too so evenings are increasingly spent indoors.

So whether you spend these darker evenings in front of the television, reading a book or chatting online it’s important to bring some light and warmth to the season. So make sure you have your beautiful warming scented candles lit and flickering away. We have an array of gorgeous scented candles ideal for that Autumn feeling. Warming spiced scents and light gentle fragrances perfect to make you feel just that bit more content and cosy with the transition into a colder season. SN1703-1 SN1703-4SC7601-1SC7601-2

One of our recommendations is our Orange and Cinnamon tea lights. Dot these around a room to give it a gorgeous orange glow, the fruity but spicy scent will thaw away any chill. Or how about a Hollyberry and Clove pillar candle set within one of our hurricane jars.

Put it in the heart of the room where it’ll combine the earthy, wooded fragrance of cloves with the sweeter smell of Hollyberries, a wonderful combination. If you are going to be spending more time indoors, we insist you make it as pleasant and enjoyable as you can!

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Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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