Autumn Candles and Colours


It is now officially Autumn, even though we all feel like Summer ended a long time ago. The skies are greying, there is a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to fall. Forgive me if I’m wrong but most people get a nice warm feeling as Autumn approaches; the air is fresh, the leaves are crisp and when the wind howls outside our windows it makes being at home looking out into a wild, wet night extremely relaxing and cosy - Shearer Candles are great for accentuating this cosiness! Curled up in a big chair, with flickering, fragrant candles really creates that aura of warmth and comfort. Our selection of coloured candles are just perfect for Autumn. We have some very autumnal colours with oranges, reds, yellows and gold and include many types of candle from dining candles to tealights. Some of our favourites are…


Orange and Cinnamon Gold Multiwick Jar A gold, mirrored jar filled with a spiced cinnamon and tangy orange wax filling. When lit, this candle reflects all the colours around it in the room with its mirrored surface. You can see the light from the candle flame causing shadows to leap and pirouette around the room. It lends a feeling of festivity with its fragrance preparing you for the next season!

Hollyberry and Clove Gold Jar Another festive fragrance, hollyberry and clove will transport your thoughts to having your hands clasped around a mug of warm, spiced mulled wine. This candle again comes in a gold, mirrored jar.

Lemon Rustic Candles The lemon rustic packs of seven candles are similar in colour to the dry yellow leaves that glide from the treetops to the ground during autumn. The candles themselves are unscented so can be used in any room. They are ideal for arranging around a dining experience, as a centrepiece or simply for the light and atmosphere they give.

We’d also recommend some autumn coloured candle accessories like the glitzy gold candle plate for placing candles on while they slowly melt down, the orange jewel tealight holder, great for producing a bright orange glow throughout the room and also the patterned yellow votive candle holder that causes yellow shapes to prance around the walls. Whatever you choose, enjoy sitting back and relaxing during the darker evenings, snug and warm against the cold.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Exective Shearer Candles

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