Autumn; A Time to Celebrate Colour


Whilst few of us actually celebrate the moving of summer into autumn most of us at least embrace the changing season and the beauty and colour that it brings, and beautiful it is of that there is little argument. Like all fashions autumn colours are subject to the whims and vagaries of fashion houses and magazine editors but generally speaking a number of core colours remain each year. Autumn is a rich and vibrant season, bolder than both spring and summer but much warmer than winter. Gold, orange, red and purple are all very autumnal, even black has a place at the table particularly around Halloween. Obviously shades of these colour matter enormously too. The oranges should be burnt or terracotta, the reds dark or maroon and the purples deep.

Few of us can afford to redecorate our homes four times a year so most of us accessorise, and that’s where candles become invaluable. By simply adding a couple of autumnal coloured candles like this Orange and Cinnamon Pillar Candleor this Red Hollyberry and Clove Hurricane Lamp onto a table a room begins to take on a whole new feel. Tealights are another great accessory, although small they are eyecatching and are a really easy way to introduce new colour to a room. There are many types of tealights but this Red Glitterand these Gold Glitter ones really bring something to a room. This Amber Noir Multi Wick jar is gold in colour and was developed to complement any room, the materials used and the design of the candle mean it doesn’t look out of place in the finest of rooms and the glow from the lit candle simply accentuates the gold of the jar.

Of course part of the fun in all of this should be deciding what works best for you. Often neutral coloured rooms need a splash of colour and larger stronger coloured candles work well there where as rooms that already have a dominant colour or style often require smaller more subtle candles. The one thing we’ve overlooked in all of this is smell, a most powerful and evocative sense. Cinnamon, Clove, Sandalwoodand Figare all scents that that bring a smell of autumn to a home, and of course they are great for masking any other unwanted smells too.

So whilst our summer clothes are being put to the back of the wardrobe with a sigh lets embrace the darker evenings and the glorious rich colours that allows us to add to our homes again.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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