A toast to our current favourite


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Now that we’ve entered the official ‘cosy months,’ we’ve squirreled away our fresher, zingier scented candles for spring and instead we’re opting for warmer, more grown up scents. Scents that we can drink red wine to, lounge in hot baths with and enjoy while snuggled up with a good book. This autumn we’ve become particularly obsessed with our whisky scented candle, Uisge Beatha, which means, ‘water of life,’ in Gaelic.’ It’s no secret that us Scots love a wee dram now and then but there’s just something about that rich, slightly smoky, occasionally peaty, subtly sweet, whisky scent that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a bit like a sip of the real stuff. It's so evocative that when we burn this we can’t help but be reminded of a secluded country house hotel. A traditional kind of place where you lounge all day on sumptuous sofas, scoffing salmon sandwiches and scones in front of a real crackling wood fire as the snow falls outside. Here you would dress for dinner and then enjoy a warming malt whisky or three in a tiny hotel bar, where you chat to new found friends long into the night as you sample some of Scotland’s finest. Since we live slap bang in the middle of a city and we don’t have a real fire, or an extensive malt whisky collection we’re going to keep this burning all winter long. It’s also a great Christmas gift, offering a quirky twist on the usual scented candle. We’ve already identified a number of whisky loving gentlemen who we’re sure will love the sleek and glossy packaging just as much as the smell, plus our far flung friends from Scotland who now find themselves in more exotic parts of the world will no doubt love this luxurious reminder of home complete with beautiful tartan gift box. The best thing about this candle? After coming in from the cold you can draw the curtains, slip into a big fuzzy jumper and enjoy the warming glow and delicious flavours that whisky brings, all night long, minus a nasty headache the next day! Cheers candle lovers!

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