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Teachers Gifts

Until you’ve had children yourself I don’t think that you really begin to appreciate what a hard job being a schoolteacher is. Most of us don’t actually remember a great deal about primary school. Sure we remember bits, we remember friends, certain incidents and most of our teachers but if we’re pushed those memories are hazy at best and often misremembered too. Our teenage years at secondary school, those formative, awkward and most recent school times are much easier to recall, if again sometimes through rose tinted spectacles. It’s only when you’ve actually stood in front of twenty or so five year olds and tried to keep their attention that you start to understand the enormity of it. Teaching 5, 6 and 7 year olds is way more challenging than teenagers. Yes, teenagers have attitude and hormones and rebellion coursing through them but at least they can be reasoned with and spoken to like adults. Getting and keeping the attention of a group of people, some of who are missing their mums terribly, some of who are determined to regain that blue crayon someone else currently holds no matter what and some of who want to follow you around wherever you go hanging by your side like a lost lamb, well that’s a skill. So it’s pleasing that most teachers these days are acknowledged in a small way by the parents of their pupils. The end of term teacher gift is a welcome sign that what they do isn’t always taken for granted. It’s become a bigger and bigger thing for us at Shearer Candles. Most of us don’t actually know what our children’s teachers like, so something like a scented candle can’t go wrong. To help we’ve got some very special offers on our special Teacher’s Gifts page, we’ve even reduced the price of some by 50%, well we also understand that there are summer holidays and children’s activities still to be paid for too! BlogSignature14 Stephanie Barnet Marketing Exectuive Shearer Candles

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