Teachers Gifts


If you remember back when you were at school, you remember a couple of significant things, mainly your friends and favourite teachers. 


It is that time of year when the kids leave the daily grind of school and are unleashed upon grateful grandparents and summer clubs as the Summer holidays begin. Whilst it is easy to look forward to the holidays and get excited about the next few months, we should take a wee moment to say a big thank you to the person who has given our children knowledge, care and understanding as they grow and learn; our child’s teacher. 


So take time this summer to say thank you to your child’s teacher. The work that has been put in after hours to prepare lesson plans, to mark homework and help each child in their class reach a certain level is immeasurable. And the best thing about it is, despite all the hard work that goes into being a teacher, many teachers adore what they do. They take great pride in assisting in the development of our future generations and often receive little thanks for that.


Well we at Shearer Candles think that hard work should always be rewarded. Be it in the form of a long soak in the bath after a stressful day with a few lit candles creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere or other means. We can’t think of a better gift for teachers than the gift of relaxation after a long term, so here is a quick run through of some of our recommendations.


Firstly we cannot look further than our range of Spa Candles. Each of the stunning scents come in a perfectly sized screw top jar, which is perfect for easy storage and preserving the scents of tropical coconut, watermelon, ginger lily and of course the famous frangipani scent. This candle will create the feel of an exotic get-a-way, ideal for a teacher after a long year!


Secondly, consider our range of foody candle tins. These are suitably fun, quirky and a delicious summer treat. These delightful tins are extremely affordable at on £5 a pop and come in 3 sunny fragrances; Strawberry Milkshake, Kiwi Lime Mousse and Banoffee Pie, mmmmmmm.

Finally, nothing is a better and more convenient gift than a beautiful hand-poured scented candle. Our Amber and Rose Scented Jarand Egyptian Cotton Scented Jars are perfect for this. Not too over the top and within a fair price range. These will make a better impression than a bottle of wine and will last longer too!


For more gift ideas have a look at our Teachers Candles section on our website.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet
Marketing Executive
Shearer Candles