You Must Try.. Our New Natural Spa Hand and Body Wash and Lotion



What’s the mark of a brilliant bathroom? We like towels as fluffy as a kitten, the reassuring warmth of underfloor heating on our toes, those kitsch mirrors lined with light bulbs that make us feel like a Hollywood starlet (OK that might just be us) and baths as deep as swimming pools. But what really sets a bathroom apart and lets us know that we’re somewhere a bit special, is the products. There’s nothing like popping to the bathroom and spotting some well-chosen soap and hand lotion by the sink, making us feel like we’ve wondered into a luxury hotel. We love those few stolen moments as we bathe our hands with deliciously scented hand wash and then slather on some lotion (something we don’t do nearly as often as we should) re-emerging from a mini pamper session feeling refreshed and ready to face what’s next.


Even better if the products are natural, smell good enough to eat and are produced right here in Scotland. Our Natural Spa Collection candles have long graced the best bathrooms, mainly because their minimal packaging combined with natural scents such as herb, floral, zest and citrus make them the perfect accompaniment to indulging in some much needed ‘me time,’ and giving off the vibe of a 5 star spa. Now we’ve added to the collection with a hand and body lotion and a hand and body wash, which not only look fabulous but leave us feeling revitalised, with peachy soft skin and we really do mean that. In the spirit of trying out our new products properly we’ve been using the Herb Hand and Body Wash and the Zest Hand and Body Lotion for the past 2 weeks.


We can’t get enough of the Herb Hand and Body Wash, which contains potted mint, bergamot and lavender, all the makings of an idyllic English country garden. This regularly makes its way between the sink and our shower thanks to its calming and restorative scent, which is often required for our aching body after a post work run in the rain when we’re feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. Thanks to a luxurious lather, we soon feel back to ourselves in no time. After stepping out of an aromatic hot shower feeling properly soothed we like to treat our skin to a revitalising drink of Zest Hand and Body Lotion, which we especially love if we’re going out for the night as it brightens us up (that’ll be the sparkling verbena and lemongrass) and smells delicious, not to mention makes us silky smooth. We also like slathering it on before popping on our pyjamas and curling up with a good book, feeling properly pampered and beautifully clean. We can’t wait to try the other scents in the range and hope that you will too!

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