Working With Mum


Steph and Rosey Barnet


Today (8th March) is International Women’s Day. It’s a day for celebrating the strength, diversity, passion, creativity and all-round brilliance of womankind. Working in a small family business, we thought what better way to celebrate this fantastic day than to ask Stephanie (Head of Product Development & Marketing) about working with her Mum Rosey, the chief “nose” of Shearer Candles.


1) Did you always want to follow in your Mum's footsteps?

Not always, when I was young I wanted to do something radically different like Art School or Medicine. But after I started working part time for Mum I really enjoyed the work and realised there was such a requirement for being creative in terms of design, fragrance, development and marketing.


2) What three things has working with your Mum taught you?

Strength, fight extra hard for what you believe in and be kind.


3) What are the main challenges working with your Mum?

Two creatives can clash in terms of design direction but we are both very good at seeing merit in others work and respecting that sometimes there needs to be a little give and take!


4) Does your taste ever clash with your Mum's?

Yes, but often you need to step back and remember who your customer is and not what you like personally.


5) How do you think the industry has changed over the generations?

Candles and home fragrance are very lifestyle orientated now. They follow trends like fashion and design, and options change with the seasons and years - much quicker than it ever did. Candles are more for home fragrance now rather than just light although atmosphere and mood play an enormous part. We are often selling a way of living your life rather than just a product.


6) What are the key challenges being a key part in the running of the family business now you are a Mum yourself?

Switching off from work when I am home or on holiday. Emails and briefs are coming in 24/7 so I need to stop myself checking in on work or even thinking about it when I’m at home or spending time with my daughter/ family. It’s also difficult to get in to the office before 9am, it doesn't matter when I get up (usually 5.30) I cannot get in to work until 9.05! There is so much more to do in the morning with a little person around!


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