Wimbledon Fever



Summer in the UK consists of three things; Rain, school holidays and tennis. This year has so far lived up to two of these prophecies, and this week in south west London the third is being played out. I am of course referring to Wimbledon, the professional tennis player’s rite of passage from being quite good, to being a Wimbledon champion. It is a British institution, with the entire country backing our hopeful tennis players, the highs and lows of following each set and the ultimate low of having another British player going out at the last hurdle. (One we have felt more of in recent history). However, with this tradition does come the opportunity to share collectively in our support, the opportunity to have some friends round and have a throw a good old-fashioned garden party. Garden parties are as much of an institution as the tennis, and way back when the game was played amongst gentleman on the lawn of their country houses, garden parties would be a must when hosting tennis matches. So in this blog, I am going to give you three must have candles for your garden party. Along with tea drinking at cricket matches, and champagne at the horse racing, there are few food traditions recognized more than strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. Now, to say they enjoy a little bit of a sweet thing is an understatement. In one week spectators consume 28,000 kilos (61,730 pounds) of strawberries and top that in 7,000 liters (7,397 quarts) of fresh cream. Now we are not suggesting you try and match those gastronomically astounding figures, rather try our Strawberries Milkshake Scented Candles. This will add the true scent of the gentleman’s game into your home, and save you the guilt of the calories. This candle will also last longer than your average Wimbledon size bowl of treats too! Following on from that, we suggest a little national pride. Whether you see Andy Murray as Scottish or British you can still support him by having some fun colored candles. For those who see him as British, try our red, white and blue coloured hurricane candles. These are ideal to have alongside your garden bunting and friends. For those who see him as Scottish (chiefly when he loses) try our white and blue hurricane candles. Either way, you will be showing your national colors with true chandler pride.



Finally we have our range of great outdoor candles. Be it to deter bugs with our citronella tea lights and statement pieces, or simply to illuminate your dining area with some stunning pillar candles, we have a great selection for you to choose from. We also have a great array of outdoor lanterns for those parties

that run later into the evening. So if your summer is going to consist of huddling around a television cheering on our tennis champions, or with a small radio in the background as you entertain your friends and family outdoors, make sure that you have the best accompaniment to your Wimbledon summer, the perfect candle. Kind Regards Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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