7 Reasons We LOVE Scented Diffusers




Fast becoming a fashionable must have for style conscious consumers, our oil diffusers are a modern, yet practical way to fragrance any room. Simply insert the handy sticks into the oil and place in your desired location - voila! A practical and stylish way to fragrance your home. Here are our top 7 reasons on why we love candle's stylish sisters.

Fashionable AND Functional!

Diffusers are super practical. Once the sticks are in the oil, the diffuser will constantly spread fragrance throughout the room. There's nothing better than your favourite scent welcoming you as you walk in the door after a long day at work - with minimal effort on your part!


Candles and diffuser in bathroom

Add Style to Any Room

Diffusers not only smell great, but look great too! They're a stylish addition to window sills, and act as a great minimal centre piece to tables. For amazing scent and style in every room, we suggest our Natural Spa Herb in the bathroom, Zest in the kitchen, and a warm scent like Amber and Rose in the lounge. Our new Signature Couture Collection boasts stunning metallic diffuser bottles. Try these out and you'll be sure to impress with a subtle touch of luxury.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Unexpected visitors? No problem! Your home will be scented wonderfully all the time, so even when the in laws pop round uncalled, you will impress on the fragrance front every time.

Signature Couture Diffusers

Long Lasting

Our diffusers last for up to 12 weeks, and are refillable! Amazing scent with great value for money, what more could you ask for? Our refills come in a 200ml size across the Couture scent range, ensuring your home smells good all year round!

Super Safe

Small children or animals around? There's no need to worry about the flame of a candle. Always ensure diffusers are out of reach of children.

Amber Noir Candle and Diffuser

Double Up the Fragrance!

Candles and diffusers work great together. With our selection of matching scents across our candle and diffuser range, why not double up and enjoy the best of both worlds? Try the powerful, luxurious scent of Amber Noir, or refresh your home with the fresh scent of Persian Lime.

A Delight to Receive

Not only are candles a great gift to give, but reed diffusers are too! Give the gift of practical and stylish long lasting fragrance with our range of diffusers. Our Signature Couture Collection includes beautiful diffusers encased in sophisticated matt black gift boxes - the perfect gift for someone special.

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