Wedding Details: Favours

6 small tin candles stacked with coloured confetti

If lanterns, bunting and pumpkin carriages (no judgement here) feature heavily in your thoughts right now, then we’re guessing that you’re also sporting a sassy new jewel on your ring finger.

Once you’re done drinking all the celebratory engagement fizz and gazing adoringly at your left hand, it’s time to get serious, commit to your formerly secret, ‘Dream Wedding,’ Pinterest board and start planning your big day.

After ticking off the venue, photographer, cake and entertainment, things start to get more interesting. With the pesky corkage fees and stressful seating plans out of the way, you can turn your attention to the creative little details.

These are the seemingly small things that can have a big impact on your day, slapping your own original and sparkling stamp on it all.

What’s Your Groom and Bride Vibe?

Perhaps the thought of chair covers make you come out in a rash, maybe you’ve known, since the age of 12, that you’ll arrive at a big church on the back of a white unicorn.

For us, there simply aren’t enough teeny bulbs in the world to turn our venue into the twinkling fairy light paradise of our dreams.

That’s the wonderful thing about weddings – everyone’s different and we all have unique ideas of we want, meaning that two weddings are so rarely the same, with minimal chances of repeat unicorns.

Whether you’re a vintage bride eyeing up quirky china and miles of bunting, or a low maintenance kind of guy or gal, who likes to keep things classic, it’s the décor and personal details that ensure your wedding vibe truly reflects you.

6 coloured small tin candles with confetti

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a token of appreciation to your guests for getting all dressed up, travelling to your big day and then scoffing canopies and knocking back bubbles in honour of you and your loved one. They also provide an excellent opportunity to sprinkle more of your personal touch on proceedings.

We love the idea of burning the same scent as your favours throughout the day so that, forever more, when your guests burn your chosen scent, they’ll be transported back to crying at your wedding speeches and warbling to Adele on the dancefloor.

Our tins come in 12 evocative scents with stunning colours, so you can select favours to match your colour scheme and make your table settings pop, or set the scent of your wedding.

Keep it classy with Egyptian Cotton, or add tropical and fruity feels with Vanilla and Coconut, Tropical Watermelon or Persian Lime for bright summer weddings.

For a simple and chic wedding, add a touch of drama with Amber Noir, or if you’re planning a winter wedding then bring on the festive cheer with Cranberry and Ginger or Frankincense and Myrrh.

Our Wedding Gift to You

We know that weddings can be expensive so we’re delighted to offer a special Shearer Candles wedding gift from us to you, with a discount for ordering in quantities of 25, 50, 75 or 100, check out the details here.

Happy wedding planning candle lovers! Xx

6 small tin candles stacked with white confetti

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