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Spring Scents


Here at Shearer Candles, we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming Spring on 20th March! It’s always felt like such a positive, optimistic month; with the promise of warmer weather on the way (it can’t come quick enough to us here in Glasgow!) and colourful flowers starting to show.

It’s also the perfect time to freshen up your home with a good old fashioned Spring clean! What better feeling is there than to have a good clear out, clean down and revitalise your living spaces! And what better way to reward all your hard work than with one our six Spring Couture scents.

These six fresh scents are all unique in their own special way, and packaged in bright, sunny colours to put a smile on your face…

Egyptian Cotton

Our Egyptian Cotton scent is inspired by crisp white sheets hanging on the washing line in a fresh breeze. Discover notes of jasmine; known for its uplifting abilities and the power to promote optimism - this is our signature scent for Spring. Packaged in striking cobalt blue, Egyptian Cotton is subtle, fresh and clean, available in jar, tin, pillar, tea light and diffuser forms.

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Persian Lime

In contrast to Egyptian Cotton, our Persian Lime scent is zesty and sweet. Discover an effervescent citrus fragrance opening with fresh kaffir lime and zesty sweet grapefruit; both said to have energising qualities which can help to combat depression. Wrapped in a bright but delicate lime green, it’s impossible to feel grey when Persian Lime is alight.

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To celebrate the start of Spring, we’re offering 20% off these wonderfully fresh fragrances from now until 30th April. To apply the discount, simply enter the code SPRING20 when you’re at the checkout.

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Amber & Rose

Amber & Rose with daffodils

Consider Amber & Rose to be Amber Noir’s delicate Spring counterpart; showing the same earthy, floral qualities, but in a much lighter and brighter way. Discover a heady floral heart of tuberose with top notes of violet and amber.

Violets are a peculiar scent; there is ionone present in the flowers, which turns off our ability to smell the fragrance continuously; meaning you are encouraged to take deeper breaths to familiarise yourself with the scent. It’s said that the scent of violet can ease headaches, migraines, dizziness and anxiety. Presented in bright sunny yellows, Amber & Rose is so pretty next to Spring flowers.

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Vanilla and Coconut

Vanilla and Coconut shows a heavenly scent of warm-baked coconut infused with delicious hints of vanilla pod; said to be perfect for relieving anxiety and elevating mood. Packaged in a delicate pale blue, this range is as gentle and soft as Spring itself.

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Rhubarb & Raspberry

Rhubarb & Raspberry

Rhubarb and Raspberry shows crisp, tart notes that will put a smile on your face as you dream of sweet summertime treats like raspberry ripple ice cream cones and rhubarb & custard sweeties! The crisp, mouth-watering rhubarb fragrances are smoothed by tea rose and hints of raspberry.

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Lavender & Geranium – now half price!

Our Lavender & Geranium fragrance combines these two aromatic scents with elements of cedarwood, vetivert and basil. The scent of lavender is famously said to help you relax and sleep; helping you to start the Spring days bright and fresh!

We’re gradually saying goodbye to our Lavender & Geranium scent collection as we make way for new scents we’re releasing later this year. As a last hurrah, we’re reducing this scent collection to half price. Make the most of this glorious collection while you can; once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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