Top 5 scents to sell your home…


Top five scents to sell your home


In the UK, it’s stated that June to July is the perfect time to put your house on the market. The sun is more likely to be shining, so your rooms look lovely and bright, the kids are off, so many people have a freer timetable without having to rush here and there, and people are generally in a more positive and optimistic mood. Looking at a new home fills people with lots of new aspirations about how life will be better and what a new property will allow them to feel like. We’ve all watched the TV shows full of advice on how to stage your home for selling; declutter, revert to neutral colours, remove personal photos and paintings as much as possible - all so that people can imagine their own belongings in your space. But it’s not just what people can see that will affect how they feel towards your property. Our sense of smell plays a massive part in whether we approve of a place or not, and each home definitely has its own unique smell; an unusual concoction of washing powder, cooking smells, pets, perfume... who knows what else! And if you've been gearing up to put your house on the market, add some fresh paint and Polyfilla in the mix too! Just like removing personal items from the walls and surfaces, advice often suggests you fill your home with wonderful welcoming scents that convince people their quality of life will be better if they lived here, such as freshly brewed Italian coffee or warm homemade bread. But lets be honest, who really has the time to bake bread, not to mention dealing with the mess it makes - you want the place to be spotless and you need to spend your time getting every last crease out of the duvet cover!!


Alongside your huge bouquets of fresh flowers, there's a much easier way to fragrance your home in the form of scent diffusers. Typically, scent diffusers from Shearer Candles will fragrance a room for up to 18, sometimes 20 weeks, depending on the product. That's plenty of time for those viewings to take place, and just that little additional effort could help people fall in love with your property. Fragrance preference is a hugely personal thing. Like décor and artwork, it’s important to choose fairly neutral scents that won't divide opinion. Steer clear of complex fragrance blends containing ingredients such as amber or violet, as they can be acquired tastes. Instead, opt for fresh, clean and subtle scents. Here are our top five scents to help people fall in love with your home…

Clean Slate Diffuser

1) Clean Slate – near the entrance or in the living room Clean Slate, part of our Couture Collection, is perfect for an entrance area or living room. It’s fresh, clean and slightly floral with lily, jasmine and white rose, but it’s wonderfully subtle, so it’s not going to overwhelm visitors as soon as they walk in. If newness had a smell, this would be it. Shop Clean Slate Diffuser: £12

Herb Diffuser

2) Herb - in the kitchen Our Herb fragrance from our Natural Collection is another fresh fragrance that sings out notes of potted mint, bergamot and aromatic lavender. Again, it is subtle, so it won’t offend any noses, but strong enough to cover last night’s dinner smells. Shop Herb Diffuser: £12

Bathroom Diffuser

3) Bathroom – in the bathroom! Our Bathroom fragrance is part of our brand new Home Collection. This range has been created to encapsulate the ideal scent for each living space in the home. As you'd expect, Bathroom is really fresh and clean with an oceanic rush of sea grass, kelp and pure eucalyptus. With an unbranded white ceramic and pale wood finish, it's a discreet product that is designed to suit any bathroom decor. Shop Bathroom Diffuser: £20

Lemon Zest Diffuser

4) Lemon Zest – in the bedroom A zesty scent in the bedroom can work quite well but be careful to choose fragrances that don’t come across as harsh and chemically. Our Lemon Zest scent is fresh, fruity and clean, but is made subtle with the floral verbena and lemongrass tones in the mix too. These delicate fragrances mean the overall scent is gentle, not aggressive like citrus surface cleaners. Shop Lemon Zest Diffuser - £12

Reception Diffuser

5) Reception - for entrance area, hallways and landings Our Reception scent is part of the Home Collection. It’s wonderfully delicate and will leave gentle scent trails of jasmine petals and neroli blossom in entrance areas and hallways. It’s the perfect scent to place right near the front door; a wonderful welcoming fragrance as you enter the property and the last thing you’ll take with you as you leave. Shop Reception Diffuser - £20 Remember, it’s best to place your diffusers into their positions a couple of days before viewings begin to give the sticks time to soak up the fragrance oils. Good luck happy sellers! Your next dream home is around the corner!

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