Wedding Blog Part 1 Finishing Touches for the Big Day

Welcome to our two part wedding blog. Part one is intended for anyone planning their wedding and focuses on fabulous finishing touches for the perfect day. Part two will offer advice on how to be the perfect wedding guest, including suggestions on how much free fizz is too much, whether it’s really OK to wear white and thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank. All-Products Wedding-Candles Centre-Pieces White-Candles

You’ve been pouring over Pinterest boards, working out like a boss and dreaming of your wedding for months now and The Big Day is finally approaching. This is the ideal time to consider the finishing touches, those little items that don’t cost heaps but will sprinkle your wedding with atmosphere, personality and flair. Like most people, we love a wedding with the personal touch but that doesn’t mean we expect you to sew miles of bunting or supply a 20 foot high wall of flowers, ala Kim and Kanye. Some thoughtfully chosen favors, beautiful lighting (vital for all the Prosecco fueled wedding selfies that we plan to take) and unique centerpieces should do the trick. Favors Do you remember when favors simply involved shoving a few almonds in some netting? Well, it turns out this tradition has a rather lovely sentiment behind it and the five sugared almonds are intended to signify Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Long Life. While this is all well and good, we tend not to eat the almonds as they’re too hard and not very tasty and we don’t hang on to them as keepsakes as by now you should all know how we feel about clutter – we can’t stand it! Instead we would much rather receive a favor that we will actually use. That way it’ll be far less likely to be cast aside on the dinner tables at the end of the night alongside the used place cards and dirty glasses. A tealight in a cute candle holder has all the makings of a favor that we would definitely squirrel away in our glitzy handbag. We offer unscented tealights at a great price for a big batch of 100, or if you want to give something a little more creative then you could chose a colour in keeping with your theme, or a happy, holiday scent like Vanilla and Coconut or Persian Lime or a more sophisticated, floral scent like Egyptian Cotton. Our small candle tins are also a very popular choice of favor, coming in a wide variety of colours and scents, they will brighten up your tables and are easy to match with your chosen theme. We can also guarantee a lot of, “oooooooh’s,” from your guests as they open the lids for a cursory sniff. If you chose to burn scented candles during part of your wedding then a matching tealight or small candle tin favour would be a fantastic way for your guests to relive the happiness of the day and their embarrassing dance moves, after the event, simply by burning their candle. We love the way that scent can evoke our favourite memories and so this is a novel way to tap into that for your Big Day. Decorating the space Our church candles, glow globes and dining candles are all excellent for creating atmosphere in your venue, whatever the location, from rustic country barn to chic hotel dining room. For use indoors and outdoors, our Glow Globe Wax Lanterns, provide a soft, flattering light when filled with a flickering pillar candle. These look wonderfully luxurious when dotted around a venue and add a touch of drama when placed up steps and along hallways. It’s no surprise that our classic, ivory Church Candles are a feature in many people’s weddings. Sometimes simple is best and these beautifully crafted, unscented candles, come in a wide range of sizes, making them perfect for striking decorations and center pieces. For stunning center pieces we particularly love a simple church candle in hurricane lantern, sitting beside fresh flowers. This look is easily achievable and really striking, providing lots of lovely lighting and a relaxed or formal vibe, depending on the look that you chose for your flowers. If drama is more your thing, then candelabras will certainly do the trick and they work really well as center pieces. Our rustic and tapered dining candles come in a variety of colours so that you can match them to your theme. With these finishing touches your wedding will be perfectly lit and smelling beautiful! From Shearer Candles, we wish you a truly wonderful day. Congratulations candle lovers!

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