St Andrew’s Day

Now that Halloween is out the way most eyes begin to turn to Christmas, but we’ve one more celebration to go before then, well some of us do! St Andrew’s Day is the 30th of November but you could be forgiven for not knowing that as it hasn’t traditionally been a big celebration, however in recent years that’s been changing and increasingly we are seeing more and more people choosing to mark the day in some way.

Although our products go around the world these days and we have always strived to find inspiration for our candles from the four corners of the globe our base is in Glasgow and a number of our collections have a distinctive Scottish theme. Our Highland Collection candles were inspired by Robert Burns, the Red, Red Rose Collection by his beautiful song of the same name and the Ae Fond Kiss by another of his most famous love songs. Both these collections were created with gifts in mind and they come with wonderful packaging which is almost as attractive as the candle it holds. As you might expect Red, Red Rose has a distinctly red feel to it using a red and gold tartan check pattern to bring a burst of colour to a winter’s day. We’ve a pillar candle, a chalice candle and a whisky goblet candle each of which has the wonderful aroma of rose petals. The chalice candle also has the words of this most beautiful of songs etched onto the glass, it really is lovely candle.

The Ae Fond Kiss collection is larger and contains a pillarcandle, three different whisky goblet candles, a chalice candle and an unusual and distinctly Scottish Quaich Cup of Friendship candle. Ae Fond Kiss packaging is equally impressive using a purple and lilac tartan check pattern. The three whisky goblet candles all have their own special scent, a highland heather and Scottish honey which is shared by the pillar and chalice candles too, the scent of the Marsh Orchid a wonderfully rare Scottish flower only found in the Hebrides and finally one that has the aroma of Cranachan a traditional Scottish dessert which in recent years has been reinvented by some of the finest restaurants in the country. A succulent combination of red berries, mint and toasted oatmeal it’s a truly warming aroma.

A Quaich is a traditional Scottish cup used to drink (normally whisky) to the health of someone, a two handled shallow cup they are often used as gifts and also as prizes these days. Our Quaich is made from nickel silver and is a wonderful blend of traditional and modern, indeed the Cup of Friendship candle might be the perfect St Andrew’s Day gift.

Happy St Andrew’s Day when it comes.

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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