Spook-tacular Candles For Halloween


Halloween Candles


Halloween is just over a week away and if you’re anything like us, you’re thinking of creative ways to celebrate this year!

Whether it's a spooky dinner with the kids or gearing up for a horrifically scary film night in, candles are a sure way to set the spooky scene.

Candles are the perfect way to set the spooky scene and add a little extra drama... “did the wind just make that candle flicker or something else?”… “is that my shadow or yours moving in the candlelight?”

We’ve pulled together a list of our top 6 candle must haves to help you get into the spirit of things this Halloween.

Tea lights

1. Unscented Tea light Candles

Your pumpkin is carved and looking awesome. You go to the cupboard to fish out a tea light and shock, horror, you’ve run out! Make sure you don’t get caught short next week by stocking up on our 8 hour unscented tea lights.

Shop unscented tea lights: https://www.shearer-candles.com/8-hour-tealights-x-30

Church Candles

2. Church pillars

Simple and classic; church candles are perfect for scene setting, reminding us of spooky eras past and letting our imaginations run wild!

Our church pillar range boasts lots of different sizes of unscented ivory wax, allowing you to create an attractive, assorted display.

Shop Church Candles: https://www.shearer-candles.com/candles/church-candles

Black Candles

3. Black candles

Our flagship scent range is Amber Noir, not just because the scent is absolutely divine, but also because people find the black wax so mysterious and unusual. Why not go a bit gothic and decorate your interiors with black pillar candles? Or use the black tea lights in your pumpkins for that extra wow factor!

Alternatively, our unscented black rustic candles are the perfect way to dress a dramatic dinner table this Halloween.

Shop black wax candles: https://www.shearer-candles.com/candles/coloured-candles/black-candles

Orange Candles

4. Orange candles

Orange is always a popular colour around Halloween. Our Orange Pomander range is perfect for orange wax; why not go for a more autumnal feel with orange pillar candles?

Explore all orange candles here: https://www.shearer-candles.com/candles/coloured-candles/orange-candles

5. Green rustic candles

We’re thinking green witch faces and cauldrons of bubbling goo; Halloween just isn’t complete without an edge of green! If green is your spooky theme this year, go for these vibrant green rustic dining candles.

Dining Candles

6. Red candles

We have a great selection of red candles which might fit the bill. Our red wax melts turn blood red when melted, or our ruby red dining candles might be just the trick for your dining table this Halloween.

Explore all red candles here: https://www.shearer-candles.com/candles/coloured-candles/red-candles

However you choose to celebrate Halloween, we hope our flickering flames add a spook-tacular edge to your evening!

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