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As a family concern here at Shearer Candles we literally live the candle business. From designing packaging, creating new scents, dealing with customers, sourcing materials and of course actually making candles we are involved directly in every aspect of our business. Over the years this has given us great insight and we’d like to share some of that with you by answering the many, many questions we’re asked every week. We will be adding questions to this blog on a regular basis. Just click on the questions below to find out the answers. ~

1. I’ve lost the original packaging and can't remember what fragrance my reed diffuser is, can you help?

2. Do your candles or tealights contain Stearin or Stearic acid?

3. Do you produce unscented tealights? I love candles but find I’ve an allergy to the scented ones.

4. Can the glass holder from a scented candle be reused for candle refills or smaller candles?

5. How can I find out when my order will arrive or get an update on its dispatch? 6. Where can I buy Shearer Candles?

7. How are scented candles made?

8. How long should a scented candle keep its scent?

9. How to store a scented candle

10. Can I return a candle if I don't like the scent?

11. Where are Shearer Candles made?

12. Can you get Shearer Candles outside of the UK?

13. What are candles made from?

14. Are candles harmful to the environment?

15. Is there a limit to how many candles you can buy?

16. How are candles delivered?

17. Where can I buy candles for a wedding?

18. What is the best candle for a wedding reception?

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