Shearer Candles are off to Venice

Today our Managing Director and Artistic Director - Rosey and Ian Barnet fly to Venice for The European Candle Makers Federation Gala Weekend.

This event runs every year and is hosted by a different Europen Country. Past cities include, Marseille, Florance and Hamburg. A Candle Maker in that City will host the event and organise wonderful trips, dinners and conferences for the weekend. You can view the Venice itinery on the European Candle Makers website. Click here Topics to be debated this year at the event are Candle emission test methodology - possible regulatory scenarios and Industry position on indoor air quality. Such discussions enlighten candle makers to external and environmental issues in the global market and help them make firm descisions and solutions on the many problems that they face. Venice will also be an opportunity to socialise with competitors, get all the candle gossip and chat about future trends in home fragrance, wax, machinery and many more candle related topics. Rosey is hoping to come back to work feeling refreshed and full of ideas for the coming seasons. It is always a great 'ideas' trip for her and chatting with the other product developers from different European candle manufacturers gives her great insight to the future of the market. Check out the following links where our lucky directors will be wined and dined this weekend.

Boscolo Hotels Venezia-Mestre Padova Villa Franceschi Burano Torcello Island Venice is the perfect place to get Candle inspiration, the most Romantic city in the world; we are excited to hear and see photos of the fabulous event. What this space...

Kind Regards

Stephanie Barnet Marketing Executive Shearer Candles

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